Thursday, 9 May 2013

Time for another election

This coalition government is finished. The Queen's speech was content free and there will be 5 days wasted debating its vacuity! Its not as if the country has no problems, there are problems everywhere you look. Dave is now Clegg's prisoner and totally impotent. What are these guys going to do for the next 2 years?
In  2010 Dave was so desperate to get into Downing St. he would have signed anything. He was elected leader by persuading Tory MPs he was Eurosceptic. He is a man without principle. a vacuous PR man and a  self confessed Europhile like Clegg.

So where now? I cannot see the Tory backbenchers not kicking up. Most of them detest the LibDems, with good reason in my opinion and don't trust Dave. Many expect to lose their seat so they are not susceptible to whip's pressure. They have put down an amendment to the Queen's speech, very unusual but entirely within the rules. There have been rumoursall day  that something was being cooked up and it is now reported by the BBC click on link to read.

It seems the Speaker who of course hates Dave will allow this amendment to be tabled. Former chancellor Lamont has come out virtually backing the Nigel Lawson line that we would be better off out of the EU. BoJo, Dave's likely successor is very equivocal and clearly preparing to challenge Dave if things go the right way for BoJo.

There is a clear right wing anti-EU vote which if not split would deliver a big majority. The only problem is no one trusts Cameron and Farage has stated he will not enter into any electoral pact with the Tories whilst Cameron is leader. That puts the ball in the Tories court. Their Europhiles, Howe,  Heseltine, Clarke and Hurd knifed Mrs Thatcher in the back. Its time for the Tory Eurosceptics to show the same ruthlessness or leave the field clear for UKIP.

The slimey LibDems will vote against any attempt to give the electorate the EU referendum they want. We cannot have government dictated by a minority party with nutty policies on wind farms etc. Lets have an election now and end this fatuous state of affairs. No more coalitions please and there can be no meaningful renegotation with the EU so lets have a straight in out vote asap.


Mr Fillpot said...

Yes, but we must be carefull, one thing we don't wnt is another demented labour Government pumping
out demented legisation that will speed up the distruction of the country,people must remember New
labour are not the old labour we recall from a bygone era, they are
dangerous control freaks, communists maxists, who beleive in
a police state and depravitiy of rights and lliberty, they have stolen money everywhere, creating a
loopey academic state of half witts.

Monty Cristo said...

Any referendum will have a rigged question and then the full weight of the EU propaganda machine will hit the air. Funnily enough, this was in the Queens Speech: "Europe for Citizens” programme, a snip at a mere €229 million, so we get to pay for too!
The only way forward is Article 50. In the mean time UKIP has a lot of work to do to get some flesh on what is a very good starting point policy wise. Will need some very bright people to get it done in time though.

Mr Bock said...

yes, well the Norfolk County Councilis feeling the effects of Ukip. they are in trouble now can't get through what they want.If
you dissect the QS it's another
paper mountain disaster, more law
more paper mountain, much unenforceble for obvious reasons, just bigger statisim taking us faster down the road to ruin. can
you imagine how much paper work and
time is going to be taken up on the
new immigration policy, before we see a result, for gods sake they are still debating the repair of pot holes, this has been going on for eight years with no positive resolve.

Miss Whitlsebit. said...

What you Ukip must get to grips with is all the fraud in the county and the secret internal disciplinay quango's set up to deal
with government crime, look particularly at the hopspitals and the Home office secure units, they
have all been goin on sick, and working at other care homes in the
county, getting two pay packets on agency, it's seems this week they are now going further a field, and
turning up working in London Hosptals, whilst being on sick leave from the Norfolk ones, Ukip
should get to grips with this is going on everywhere, get your teeth
into Norfolk, get your teeth into
the police and that Norwich Court,
they are also interfering with all
the state computor records and falsifying the fine accounts, very
serious crime going on there under the
watch of that Clerk of the justice,
he's covering it all up.The stuff
and evidence comming out during these secret resolution proceedures
and internal disciplin delt with by
managers should be at the "Old Bailey" these quango's are covering
up serious crime, it's a slap on the wrist for murder senario, they
are now giving out leafltes at the N.N. they are creating Ghost medical records for patients that do
nort exist and claiming for treatments, medical files for patients
thet do not exists, no ones doing any proper checks.

NCC The bog Cleaner said...

There's something seriously wrong on that council, and the health
authority, the leaks show they have been recording each others phone calls secretly, during investigations,looks open for blackmail senarios, all the evidence
in some cases is going through the
shredders where complaints are being delt with interally, there is
a "Blackamil Culture" developed, especially with the police and cartwrights department. It's a case
if you tell i did this, I will tell
you did that,and if you try and disciplin
me manager will tell about your
affair, and all those other things you have covered up. You can see
how the tories have remained in power here for so long. Go for the accounts.


There are things happening - things are changing direction.

The Thatcher assassins are old guard and look and sound it. The ambitious young will want to move on.

I respect Farage insofar his appeal to the disenchanted but it is not him that I support - it is UKIP, the people.

What we need is UKIP people to replace the corrupt on our councils - it is through the regional bodies that our democracy is being undermined.

I was hoping that Pickles would sort this lot out - but here in Plymouth we have had a Labour council returned and they are just continuing John Prescott's regional EU submission campaign.

Mr Bock's comment above re potholes is so descriptive of Plymouth at present - minus a bread and circus City of Culture bid.

To think that I used to laugh at how gullible the people of the Soviet Union were.

ALAN WOOD said...

I served as a professional Civil Servant in the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works,later called Property Services Agency.
There I was aware of the corruption and freemasonry between the building industry and Civil Servants. Unless you became a freemason you died a career death.

I later won a seat at a District Council. There I met the freemasonry between the officials and the Councillors. I suspect between the contractors also.

In UKIP many, if not all Regional Officers, appeared to be freemasons.

The other side of the coin is the Common Purpose organisation - not sure if that is freemasonry or the Labour/LibDem fraternity helping each other to lucrative jobs.

The police are famed for their masonic links and we are seeing forces like Cleveland in the headlines.

It is said that the highest ranks of the Trilateral Commission and the Council for Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg fraternity run by the Rockefellers are top level freemasons.

My wife's family were freemasons. They did things I would not be pleased to tell you. My golf club associates were often freemasons.

Denis Healey, the Labour icon was a Bilderberg organiser.

Why am I telling you this ?

Bringing down a Government is not a one-day wonder.

And UKIP may be a fifth column for the Conservative Party at least, and riddled with freemasons, like much of the Elite class.

Eric Edmond said...

Alan, I agree freemasonry is a cancerous evil in our society and provides a fertile breeding ground for the corruption of our public services. I came across it in various planning depts up and down the country assisted of course by bent elected councillors. The one in Devon let the cat out of the bag with his cash for planning 'advice' service. I believe this Tory was deefeated by an Independent womant last week so there is still some slight hope. I have not met any female freemasons.

Woof woof

The Window Cleaner said...

I have to agree,it is evil it's
corrupt, it's controling the police
insurance, court rulings, just look
at the bank accounts of the police masons, and masons in general and
their links to councils and lawyers,out councils are corrupt, like our judges, UKip now you have got Tory Norfolk, you will no doubt
be aware of just how big freemasonary is here, look at the registers for Norwich North, Dereham, Wroxham, Yarmouth, these are just the registered ones what about the rest of them that are not.Go on Ukip get your teeth into that Tory council, break up the 60
year power base, the cosy country
they have built up inside a country
operating their own laws, Get Them.
Don't be sucked into their world.

Mrs Alice hummingbird said...

My husband was a freemason in Norfolk, many are in the police despite what they tell you, they band together to get themselves off
complaints, they are corrupt, the
know the lawyers, they have contact with judges during trials
they nobble rulings, my husband is dead now, but many of their wives work in government they control them
as well even although they are not masons, they know what happens if they don't play ball.

Canaris Abwehr said...

Of course Freemasonary in Norfolk
has alway's been a bone of contention, do NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM they nealry control the police,a conversation of newly recruited police officer morons, they are all trying to get into the
lodges, they no full well there appears to be no future or career
in the police, justice system, or
even higher levels of health care
if you are not one, quite simply
most of the key figures in Norfolk
are masons, be on you guard Ukip,
watch the politics here, they will
try and destroy you at any opportunity, many doctors are masons as well, as well as managers
in Norfolk Mental Health, undertakers ect, and some X members of
NSY who have moved to Norfolk.

Mr Redleak. CC said...

Many of the labour lot are masons
as well. masons.................