Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sky News poll on leaving the EU, Q1 Party Donations & Dickens

Coming from a science background I start with my sources.

Click to read this informative Sky poll.

Its Sky headline is, "UKIP Set For European Elections Success - Poll "
ComRes interviewed 2,003 GB adults online between May 22 and 24 for the poll. Data were weighted to be representative of British adults and politically weighted to past vote recall.

That's twice the usual sample size of 1000 so the results will be more reliable than usual. I quote the Sky commentary on these results below:

"The survey found that 27% of those certain to vote in the 2014 contest would support UKIP, with Labour on 23% and the Tories on 21%.
The rise of Mr Farage's party has caused major headaches for the Conservatives, and the ComRes study for the Open Europe think tank found that almost two-fifths (39%) of those who voted Tory in 2010 would back UKIP if the European election was held now.
In a general election, the poll suggested Labour would take 37% of the votes, an 11-point lead over the Conservatives on 26%, with UKIP on 20% and the Liberal Democrats on 9%.
But there was some good news for David Cameron, with widespread support for his policy of renegotiating the UK's relationship with Brussels before putting the new settlement to a public vote by the end of 2017.
If a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU were held now, 37% say that they would vote to remain in the EU compared to 41% that say they would vote to leave.
But, if there was a significant return of powers to Westminster followed by a referendum, 47% would vote to stay in the EU, while 32% would still vote to leave.
The Prime Minister was rated as the party leader most likely to succeed in negotiating a better deal with 29% backing him to win back powers, with Ed Miliband on 14%, Mr Farage on 12% and Nick Clegg on 4%."
I would not disagree with any of that. The interesting bit is Cameron's renogiate policy has a lot of support. Not surprising given Joe Public will perceive it as the low risk. In fact its so low risk its impossible to deliver in any meanful way. Maybe Cameron might getback regulation on wheel tappers and shunters which Bob Crow will like but otherwise zilch.
UKIP has always had huge problems handling and accounting for money. That is the reason Farage arranged for me to be kicked off the NEC for asking questions about the source and destination of UKIP funds. Farage sees the NEC as there to rubber stamp his decisions and of course take the responsibility if things go wrong. I was not happy with that so I had to be got rid of.

I reproduce the relevant electoral commission table for Q1 2013 below.

Click on

to read full details of party donations lodged with the electoral commision.

Party Donations excluding public funds Public funds Total accepted in Quarter one 2013
Party                                                Donations  Public funds  Total
British National Party                      £32,000            £0            £32,000
Conservative and Unionist Party   £3,663,024 £18,373       £3,681,397
Co-operative Party                         £412,973            £0        £412,973
Democracy 2015                               £8,055             £0            £8,055
Green Party                                     £23,110       £13,831         £36,941
Labour Party                                £3,681,486 £1,754,375    £5,435,861
Liberal Democrats                           £842,710       £8,730        £851,439
Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales     £18,511    £36,060           £54,572
Scottish National Party (SNP)           £10,000     £42,971           £52,971
The Socialist Party of Great Britain  £295,775            £0           £295,775
UK Independence Party (UK I P)     £74,150            £0             £74,150

Total                                             £9,061,794 £1,874,340 £10,936,134

Interesting. UKIP can only raise 25% of the Socialist  party of Great Britain and around 18% of the Co-op, both of which presumably get large Union donations. Still £74k is barely going to cover Nigel's bodyguards. Money talks in politics something not lost on Red Ed who has more dosh than Dave! Now who would have thunk that as Mr Neil says.

Dave is working hard to rectify this as reported in today's DT City Diary. He is not going to hand over his City donors to Farage but these City slickers like to hedge their bets so NF will cop some dough, perhaps enough for another bodyguard.

The DT amusing entitles their piece by Harryet Dennys,

"A tale of Two Cities as PM steps up donors battle with UKIP ". Now as I recollect the story did not Sidney Carton take his friends place, the arsisto Charles Dannay, at the EU guilottine ending his final speech, "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

The parallel is clear. Farage must take the place of the young aristo Dave at the electoral chopping block and go to the palace of red leather as his reward in heaven.


Anonymous said...

BBC look east last Night, Norfolk
Authorities and Police leaking, confidential information to media and
other sources about previous arrests
of Ukip councilors to try and get them to resign and stand down from
the council. They will be trawling
through your medical records next trying to dig up dirt and putting it
in the Public Domain, They are trying
hard to give Ukip Bloody Noses and anyone else who rocks their boat.

Anonymous said...

BBC look east tonight 10.35 pm, they have just charged a UKip councilor with Benefit fraud, they
appear to be trying to remove Ukip from the council, get a good lawyer
to check the evidence go throw it with a fine tooth comb, it may not
be legal, take it from me. Expect
a lot of this kind of thing in Norfolk, that's the way they control, giving people bloody noses
and diry prosecutuons. They'll be
accusing you of being in the IRA next.