Thursday, 30 May 2013

EU can't dictate to the French - Hollande

Of course not! C'est impossible! L'EU c'est moi.

The previous day's headline in the DT telling how 18,500 Spaniards applied for 11 jobs in the Prado paying £11,100 a year. The UK minimum wage is £6.31/hour, or £252/week or £12,500 pa roughly. So there are a lot of Spaniards prepared to do an incredibly boring job gazing at El Grecos 24/7 for less than UK youf will get out of bed for. 50%+ youth unemployment has an effect in a country that has not the generous UK benefits and rewards single mums as a career choice.

Ze French are having none of it. They only have 26% idle youf. French benefits are high but reserved for the French. Good to see Hollande telling Barroso to f off. I wait to see Dave doing the same.


Mike Bridgeman said...

You will have a very long wait.
It is Cameron and Hague who want to see the enlargement of the EU to include Turkey and other eastern European countries.
They love the EU. Nothing is wrong with their beloved EU.
The Conservatives have always been the problem and will never be the solution.

Alan Wood said...

The deterioration of the job situation in the EU is showing up in the stock market as there is less money available.

You have always prophesied big trouble in club Med countries but the trouble in Sweden and Germany shows that even in the north there is anti-immigration sentiment, particularly where Islamists are involved.

The Tory push for enlargement of the EU will be opposed and UKIP must be the beneficiaries. I cannot believe how many of my associates in the dog world are now strongly pro-UKIP. They have asked me to help UKIP. It's a difficult choice in view of its leader.

Eric Edmond said...

There is actually more money being printed by the BoE, ECB and Fed right now leading to equity markets rising.

I have always said it will all be settled in blood on the streets of EU big cities. Stockholm is the latest which did surprise me.

Good to know doggy world anti EU. Advise reading Guy de Maupassant short story on how widow with big dog and lots of black puddings gets her revenge on local head of Union Corse.

Mike Bridgeman said...

Alan, I have also been asked why I did not stand for Ukip at the last election.
We have the T- shirt and why don't they stand?