Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cash for questions & UKIP represenative alleged benefit fraud. Deja vu all over again?

What the latest saga with Patrick Mercer on the above showed with stunning clarity is that MPs principal loyalty is to their party and their constituents come last. Mercer was at pains to avoid embarasiing the Tory party so stood down as a Tory but retains his seat and salary for the next two years and two fingers to his constituents who will have to put up with a damaged MP for the next two years. This is depressing to say the least. I speak from personal experience. Our MP one D Laws resigned from the coalition cabinet over an expenses claim issue. But he did not resign his seat to give his constituents another vote to judge his behaviour. Two years later he is back as a minister.

Clegg and Laws are fond of quoting their coalition agreement with Dave. Part of that was an agreement to bring forward a bill to allow constituents to recall MPs found involved in dodgy dealings. That was 3 years ago but now it is all forgotten by Dave & Nick who are concentrating on homosexual marriage, vital of course for getting growth back into our moribund economy.

BBC East report one Peter Lagoda, a UKIP councillor in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire is to face charges of benefit fraud on 2nd Sept at Peterborough Crown Court for failing to notify Fenland DC of a change in his circumstances.  He has said he will plead not guilty.

UKIP's recent new star ex-Tory Neil Hamilton first sprang to fame in the mid 90s over the cash for questions issue. He was memorably defeated in the 97 election by the man in the White Suit and thus lost one of the safest Tory seats in the country now regained by Dave's right hand man Gideon Osborne. This is not going to make UKIPers in the South West anny happier about reports that Hamilton will be first on the UKIP MEP slate come next May.

I recommend reading a Guardian piece by Rober Ford and Matthew Goodwin, click on link to read. It is subtitled,

"It's a misconception that Ukip draws from the right: its biggest support is from Labour's traditional – and disaffected – base"

and goes on to speculate on what Red Ed will do to stop this.

At the same time Dave is being prosecuted by the EU for failing to dish out benefits to welfare tourists. We live in interesting times but if you are in UKIP Nigel asks please do not say anything about the Woolwich murder. Why not I wonder?. 

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