Sunday, 30 June 2013

Political Ethnic cleansing begins at home Mr Farage

Click on link to read the Independent's story of 28th June headlined,

Nigel Farage faces further questions over Ukip’s vetting as two officials linked to far-right party rally

"The chairman of Ukip’s west London branch Vanessa Crichton and chairman of the Hillingdon branch Cliff Dixon attended an anti-EU protest organised by the British Patriots Society, which has strong links to the English Defence League (EDL)."

Now this is Farage's home patch, South East England. Farage has always been keen to smear branches and individuals in other regions with far right/BNP allegations to distract attention from the smell on his own doorstep. Its the same in Brussels where some of his mid European neo-fascist party allies make the BNP look like Guardianistas.

I remember Farage blaming UKIP's failure at the Henley by-election in his South East region on South West members! Incredible but all part of the blame everyone but Farage strategy for failure.

There is going to be an increasing number of these UKIP damaging stories as we approach May 2015. I am surprised how easy they have been for the media to dig up.  Soon they will be looking closer to Farage perhaps even in his man of the people with an off shore trust fund caravan parked prominently outside his humble abode.

As it says in the book of Matthew, "You hypocrite, remove the beam from your eye before the  mote in your neighbours". Sound advice for the hypocritical Mr Farage.

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