Saturday, 29 June 2013

Farage ethnically cleanses UKIP SW

Read all about it by clicking on the Western Morning News

Mr Farage is quoted , "He said the region, where it has its headquarters, has been through the "weeding out process" for candidates: "In the internet age one of two disaffected loons can cause all sorts of trouble inside the party. And in the South West, we've kind of been through that. We've been around a long time. We've got rid of the nutty element."

This presumably means the Hamiltons have been vetted and found satisfactory.

On the looney tunes theme the piece says, "Nigel Farage has revealed he does not use London's Oyster travel cards for fear of journeys being monitored." Who would want to monitor Farage's travel, CIA, MI5, EU or Mrs Farage. Next stop the Ecuadorian Embassy?

He also states he will target a parliamentary seat in the West country. Which lucky seat will be chosen and who will be the candidate, N Hamilton, C Hamilton or perhaps N Farage although he has a poor record in fptp elections? Will he appear in his camel hair, velvet collared  coat made famous by Arthur Daley?

I can't wait.

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ALAN WOOD said...

Interesting piece about "targeting" seats.

Prior to the 2010 General Election, and as one of the few UKIP District Councillors, I gave a presentation to the candidates on "targeting" seats in the SW in particular and UK in general.

I believe that Steve Crowther was present so perhaps he learned something useful that day.

I recommended Plymouth as a target seat as Labour were in decline and it was a City of pro-British sentiment because of the Navy.

Unfortunately, they did not take up my advice.

The mood will be different this time. The economy will play big. The effect of more immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria, unemployment, price inflation are general factors to consider.

Tories and LibDems will be out of favour, and Labour may not have recovered. Greens will be shunned because of windmill policy.

UKIP has a golden opportunity to win a seat and influence marginals.
They need to do some careful analysis of the results in the European/Local elections of 2014 to identify good candidates based on results not reputation.