Saturday, 22 June 2013

Farage's off shore tax avoidance vehicle

Farage's hypocrisy has been exposed by the Mirror and C4 news. Its not illegal but its difficult to reconcile with Farage's political posturing berating tax avoiders be they Google or MPs. His claim that he did not know the Isle of Man was offshore for tax purposes is laughable but is very typical of Farage's brazen behaviour when his hypocrisy is discovered.

Expect more of these stories to emerge as the investigative media, prompted no doubt by the research departments of LibLabCon, take a much closer interest in Mr Farage and compare his actions with his past statements.

The story I am awaiting will be if Farage's close friend Annabelle Fuller speaks to the tabloids. Given it was the Mirror up in Aberdeen at the by-election there who broke the off shore trust story they may well already be pursuing Ms Fuller. Its their sort of story.

Farage is now finding electoral success comes at a price. David, Del and  I saw this coming 4 years ago and wanted a clean party to avoid giving LibLabCon a soft target. For our concerns we were all voted off the NEC by the Farage cabal and Del was kicked out of UKIP on a completely false allegation by Nuttall. LibLabCon now have an easy target and will keep at it if only to distract the electorate from their own many failings.



ALAN WOOD said...

I left UKIP after suffering FARAGE through the Leadership election of Pearson the Incompetent.

I'm distraught that having built the party locally and helped to build it in the South West it is all going down the pan thanks to that nitwit FARAGE.

So many must feel the same.

We must field a new party at the European elections which can hobble UKIP and make a takeover before August 2014 in time for the 2015 General Election.

ALAN WOOD said...

Combining my earlier post with the Booker article today on the hypocrisy of Cameron on the USA-EU trade talks and the EUReferendum blog discussing the Tim Congdon refutation of Article 50 I feel that Farage is supporting an IN-OUT referendum we cannot win yet, whilst Congdon is poo-pooing the only sensible way out.

This support by Farage and his financial guru for a hari-kiri approach only helps the Conservatives, not the "out" cause.

Have we a fifth column here like the ex-Conservative Pearson and others of the same ilk who still have a soft spot for the Conservative Party ?