Sunday, 16 June 2013

Back from La Belle France

I returned on Friday morning at 7 am, got home at 9pm, switched on TV to watch previous evenings juvenilrs only QT from Scotland. Farage, the BBC's tame EU sceptic, was on yet again. Has he not learned from his recent  visit to Edinburgh? He does not play well in Scotland they don't like political spivs in sharp suits and camel hair overcoats with velvet collars there, too much like Arthur Daley. Talking of which the latest Private Eye on the swivel eyed loon theme juxtaposes pictures of Farage with one of Arthur Scargill in his heyday to point up the similarity. Worth a look.

Angus Robertson MP the SNP leader at Westminster made a long overdue point on BBC manipulation that of the 6 panelists, 4 were pro the Union and only 2 against. That is how the BBC brainwashes the young. Roberston then pointed out it was coming just before a by-election in Inverness. Ex Bullingdon member Dimblebore was apopletic. Roberston was speaking no more than the plain unvarnished truth. Smug southern English public school types like Dimblebore whose BBC jobs smack of nepotism by Daddy  put, like Farage, thousands on the SNP vote every time they appear in Scotland. That is why there are more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs.

I watched EDL's Tommy Robinson being bullied and harassed by Andrew Neil this morning on the Sunday Politics this morning. I thought Robinson defended himself well and reduced Neil demeaning himself by trying to shout him down. After his episode with the Bilderberg expert Neil is having a bad week. The best bit was at the start before Neil lost it when he tried to nail Robinson on his different names and asked what it said on his birth certificate. Robinson was too good to be caught out there. I do hope if Neil ever interviews Bannerman again he will put the same question to the Tory/UKIP/Tory turncoat. I tried to on the UKIP NEC but answer came there none and I was kicked off UKIP's NEC for lese majeste by proxy.

Whilst in France I saw the Daily Politics and it seems UKIP has found another Mrs James,anoother ex-Tory councillor one Suzanne Evans from Kent. Click on link to watch the clip. These ladies are the way to win UKIP seats in Westminster and the quicker Farage takes a back seat the better.

Things in France are not good economically. They want rid of Hollande but like us and CamCleg they are stuck with him fo another 4 years. The German family I spoke to from Muich told me they love Dr Frau Merkel and things are booming job wise in Bavaria so keep buying these Mercs and Beamers.

PS Ganesh made the excellent point on AN show that following the horrendous murder of a British soldier in London the BBC were far happier to investigate the EDL etc who had nothing to do with the crime than extreme Islamics who were potentially connected with the instigation of the crime. Ganesh could say this because of the colour of his skin. Any white man saying it would immediately be labelled racist by the BBC.

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ALAN WOOD said...

Suzanne Evans is saying what was heresy 15 years ago. From that perspective the anti-EU movement is making steady progress.

The English Defence League and before them the BNP and before them the National Front crudely represent the public objection to Immigration, whether Islamic or Christian from the EU or non-EU countries. Clearly it suits the BBC to muddle the situation. However,the public are having to face the consequences of past immigration policies and UKIP will be the vehicle they use at the ballot box in the European elections to show their displeasure. So far so good.

The next hurdle is to convince the public that leaving the EU is good for our Economic situation, as well as solving the Immigration problem. That is beyond Farage's ability.