Monday, 3 June 2013

Off to France tonight so no blogging

The Major maintains I am a bit of a leftie so I am going to get my left battery recharged in Holllande's socialist paradise.

France government spending is around 55% of GDP - bad news as the ceo of AXA a French insurance company recently pointed out. He thinks France is like the UK pre- Thatcher. Time for Joan of Arc je crois.


ALAN WOOD said...

Hi Eric,

Some people imagine that because we deplore Farage's leadership, and he is an overt Tory, we must be lefties.

What people need to understand is that leaving the EU is a non-party political situation because the EU represents itself as a system of quasi-democracy when it is in fact an autocracy bordering on a dictatorship.

It has been cunningly formed by people who saw a means of warding off a Soviet takeover of Europe and provide a platform for Germany to bring its economic power to the table. This suited the USA. It suited France who thought that their Civil Service could manage Germany.

Germany's ability to harness industry, trades unions and bankers (as it did before WW2) has made it the powerhouse in Europe financially.

Germany is moving back to a position of economic dictatorship.

However, Asia with its tendency to outright dictatorships and cheap labour is the future economic force that Europe must confront.

Whilst the UK has to do what Germany wants(in the form of the EU) we have no options left but to leave the EU. Our old political affiliations are irrelevant. Lefties and righties need to get together to discuss a way to create jobs and feed our nation in the face of Germany's economic power and Asia's dumping of goods made by exploiting cheap labour. The only beneficiaries of that are the global companies and the middle men of the USA, Germany, France and UK. Who pay little tax. Fancy that !

ALAN WOOD said...

You have been away too long and have only succeeded in causing French Air Traffic Control to go on strike.

It's a start but please try harder.