Monday, 22 July 2013

UKIP allegations of sex scandals

I have been busy in France for the last 12 days plus graduating my son so no time for blogging or anything else. On Sunday I picked up the Telegraph to read on the first page, "UKIP pair attacked me, woman claims". They used to say Tories did sex scandals and Labour financial scandals but it seems UKIP does both!

The story full page spread is headlined 'Spiked drink and the night UKIP's party turned sour'. It all seems to have taken place at UKIP's conference last September and is alleged by a female UKIP activist against YI members. It is reminiscent of the LibDems Lord Renard affair but there the women complaining were serious  credible witnesses and they had a QC led investigation.

One thing that does puzzle me is that Mrs Farage is quoted as saying this woman was 'coming on strongly' to her husband and was very drunk. In my limited experience Mrs F seldom appears at UKIP events. The last I can recall was at the HMS Belfast do where it was reported she had pitched up in search of one of Farage's lady friends. Cherchez la femme as the French say.

I do hope UKIP's investigation conducted by Mr Greaves will stand up to scrutiny of its process. He claims to have practised at the International Criminal Court so he should be well versed in these matters.

I do not understand why the whole matter was not immediately reported to the police for them to investigate. The allegations seem to me to be a prima facie case of criminal acts.

At my son's graduation I had dinner with a vet who practises in Newmarket. He told me the stud fee for Frankel to cover your mare was £150 k and the beast was signed up for 120 such equine shags this year. Still Mr Wood its better than giving your dosh to UKIP.


Mike Bridgeman said...

That wasn't you winning the Tour de France was it Eric?
You have lost quite a bit of weight.

ALAN WOOD said...

There was me thinking you had gone to Scotland to watch the Scottish Open and all the time you were watching the Tour de France.

While us boys think we are superior beings little do we know !
We exist only to pass on the genes of our mothers and her female ancestors on both sides of her family.

Your son was very lucky to have such an intelligent mother. You may now retire to the old folks home and consider your duty done ! Except for finding out how we came to have such a dictator as Farage in our midst. Anyone know his mother ?

As for FRANKEL, you can bet that some dunces with too much money will send him the wrong mares (genetically speaking) to make his efforts worth the tariff.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, the old folks home draws steadily closer. I am looking for one that does a good line in sex therapy.

Sorry, I have no interest in the Tour de France but I did watch the Open. Micky took his chance and Westy did not. Just like doggy shows.

The Pont Aven has 70+ kennels on its doggy deck for dogs of all sizes.