Sunday, 18 August 2013

Why UKIP is a one man band

I have returned briefly from France to read of G Bloom's latest faux pas on foreign aid in true pub boor/Nigel Farage style. His point is a good one. Why are we dishing out foreign aid to corrupt regimes of all colours?But to link it to the word bongo alientates many and loses loads of votes. Unfortunately Bloom is all to typical of those supporting Farage's cult like control of UKIP. Any people of serious intelligence and talent have been hounded out  of UKIP by this unsavoury group as they might be seen as better leaders than Farage. It is the way Gordon Brown operated. Any rivals of the right age and intelligence as rivals were eliminated leaving no credible leadership alternatives. This lead to GB's uncontested coronation as Labour leader and the disastrous situation Labour is now in. We have an appalingly bad LibCon government to which Labour poses no threat.

A brief scan of UKIP slates for the 2014 elections shows this mixture of Bloom clones, Farage sycophants, juveniles, token women and token members of ethnic minorities. There are a few good candidates of proven worth like Mrs James but why Jill Seymour?

More telling is who is not on the list, James Dellingpole for one. An excellent journalist with impeccable Eurosceptic credentials is left off. Why?

I have no doubt UKIP will win a lot of seats in 2014. Yesterday an old died in the wool former Tory agent told me he was so fed up with homosexual marriage, foreign aid etc he would vote UKIP to give Cameron a kick up the bum. Perhaps he should ask Mr Towler, UKIP SW candidate, his views on this topic.

I have equally no doubt that even with 30 or 40 MEPs UKIP will not progress our cause of leaving the EU one iota. They simply don't know how to!

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Greg_L-W. said...


welcome back!

You are right that UKIP clearly don't know how to achieve their CLAIMED aim to Leave-The-EU nor is there any discernible gravitas or intellectual rigor that might work towards that aim - merely opportunistic band wagon jumping & their determination for profitable self agreanisement at all cost - regardless of ethics, morality or dignity.

As leader of the cult Farage has decided to demean himself and the party at the Tory Conference by a display of zero gravitas promoting booze4 & fags as a way forward at a comedy venue!

Never has UKIP managed to structure a plan, present a strategy, formulate tactics or even in 20 years devise and advocate the simplest of EU Exit & Survival Strategies!

It will be noted they lack even a clear understanding of the importyance of Article #50 which even those presenting the BrExit Prize have enshrined in the rules!