Tuesday, 20 August 2013

More tales from UKIP

Last time I pointed out UKIP was a one man band because that's the tune organ grinder Farage wanted played, that tune and no others.

Now I read Mike Natrass is upset at not being selected as an MEP candidate and may be thinking of legal action. Why am I surprised. Well the last time I was in Mr Natrass's company I did ask him if he wanted to stand again as an MEP and he replied, No. I presume he has had a change of heart or possibly finance.

It seems that one Will Gilpin has resigned as CEO UKIP after a six monthe tenure. The Guardian reported it thus, "Will Gilpin is to leave his post after party sources indicated the former military officer struggled with many Ukip figures who cheerfully admit they are unmanageable"

I have never met Mr Gilpin but I presume he was another Farage appointee who found out what the UKIP cult was like. The fruit cakes and loonies description is looking increasingly near the bone. Mr Gilpin joins an ever increasing group no longer playing the one man band's one tune.

This is currently known as the silly season for the media because of the lack of real news whilst our poitical masters are off on holiday. UKIP is well equiped to fill that space. Here come the clowns, the one  man band and the bongo player. Its good to be back for the UKIP circus season.


John Page said...

Ukip cannot become a professional political organisation that threatens the main parties because Nigel Farage refuses to give up power over it, the party’s former chief executive has said.


A crisp, informed analysis by Mr Gilpin

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you very much for this link. It is a well expressed accurate critique of UKIP's failings and gives me material to write a bit more on this crucial topic.

UUKIP is run for Farage's benefit supported by his financially avaricious sycophants.

ALAN WOOD said...

Another one bites the dust !

What is so galling is the amount of time and money I wasted putting this man Farage in the position of blocking any serious attempt to leave the EU. He is clever - to have lined his pockets at our expense.

Mike surprises me. He made a lame attempt to become Party Leader in 2009/10 and allowed Lord Pearson to win. I suggested to him that he should have left UKIP with me. What hope when he was already living high on the hog.

By refusing to face up to becoming a real political party these Faragistas have wrecked the anti-EU cause. Was that intentional - and the answer is "Yes". They have always carried a torch for the Conservative Party.

Only support for Richard North's initiative remains a sensible way forward.