Friday, 23 August 2013

We can't all be wrong about Farage

The latest victim of the Cabal, Wilf Gilpin, is saying the same things about how UKIP is run as I did, Richard North, Del Young, Tony Butcher, David Abbott and all the others who have been smeared by the Cabal and forced to exit UKIP. Have we all been not up to it. Unlikely. The truth is we were not prepared to endorse the Farage cult that UKIP has become. We wanted a party that would fightto get our country not one devoted to one man's personal ambition to be a media figure.

Mr Gilpin puts it very well, nothing witten down so no proper audit trail on anything. No knowledge of where Farage is or what he is doing. I remember when Farage announced that his man Nuttall was to replace Whittaker as party chairman that I asked what consultations there had been with the NEC prior to Farage's announcement. Farage replied that he had consulted by phone but 'obviously not you'. What is obvious is of course I as an NEC member should have been consulted as should everyone on the NEC. I then asked if those so consulted would raise their hands. No one did. The consultation claim was a sham.

Reading the accounts of Mr Gilpin's demise it is obvious nothing has changed in the way UKIP is run as a Farage cult. What is certain is that UKIP can never be a proper dare I say professional party whilst this goes on.

UKIP's biggest electoral asset right now is Mrs James. She barely comes half way up the SE MEP slate. Farage who is a proven electoral liability over a number of Westminster by-elections is number one.  Only parliament can get us out of the EU and that can only be achieved by getting UKIP MPs elected. The electorate has rejected Farage on several occasions. Like Bloom he only gets a seat when people vote for the party, UKIP, not the person.

It is very distressing that UKIP's rank and file do not realise what a disastrous leader Farage is. The penny is dropping with the Tories re Cameron and Osborne with many Tory MPs nervously feeling their majorities but then they have to be voted in by the electorate unlike Farage who can be voted onto top SE MEP list by his preferment seekig  placemen.

Farage's control of the UKIP machine ensures that the rank and file will never hear from those who know what lies behind the beer and fags image.

I hope Abe Lincoln's dictum about not being able to fool all of the people all of the time will eventually percolate through to the UKIP branches.


Autonomous Mind said...

It's an extremely sad, frustrating and completely avoidable state of affairs.

The issue is not UKIP or its members, just the party's leadership which is performing atrociously.

The problem is also with the cult followers who have convinced themselves, in spite all the evidence, that UKIP is somehow storming the barricades and that Farage is UKIP's biggest asset.

The fact is UKIP's gains in May are already being lost. They are set for a good performance in the meaningless European Elections next year as unhappy Tories lend them their vote, and at the same time stand to benefit from a final pre-General Election protest vote. But come 2015 they will being swamped in the GE and barely register double figures.

This, according to the cultists, is a 'surge'. If so I dread to think what challenging times look like.

Eric Edmond said...

AM, I completely agree. The top of UKIP is populated by mainly self seeking people of little talent or intelligence hoping for preferment by Farage.