Monday, 26 August 2013

Can UKIP be made fit for purpose?

I am very pessimistic that UKIP can be fixed. I despair of all these simpletons who tell me I should have stayed in and fought for reform from the inside. That has been UK policy on the EU ever since we l
joined. It has failed and things have just gone on getting worse for us in the UK. Its the same with UKIP and for the same reasons. The EU and UKIP are controlled by a small inner group with their own agenda. Its the same agenda for both groups maximising their own personal power and wealth.

The EU and UKIP are very similar. Indeed I have long thought most of Farage's ideas about professionalising UKIP have come straight out of the EU book on how to emasculate democracy. We can only get out of the EU by getting a parliamentary Commons vote passed to repeal the 1972 European Act. The LibDem thinking Lords will of course oppose it so the Parliament Act will almost cetainly have to be used to over-ride these objectors who have of course no democratic mandate.

A necessary first step will be to get an out vote in an in/out referendum. We need a similar vote by the membership of UKIP repealing Farage's many constitutional reforms and returning to the original UKIP constitution and ideals of Alan Sked including the core principle that we will not contest the EU organised, propaganda elections, for the powerless and usesless European parliament. The EU is no more a democratic organisation than Russia or the PRC. These elections are just a well paid sop to the chattering classes who eagerly queue up at the trough.

We should be campaigning for a referendum in UKIP on our conferring pseudo democratic legitimacy on a fascist dictatorship by participating in their elections which are as rigged as those run by Mugabe.

I raised this point the first time I spoke at the UKIP NEC. I was shouted down by Denny, Duffy and Bannerman. Its the sort of democracy you get from public school boys. He who shouts loudest wins. You can see it at noon every Wednesday at PMQs.

O tempora o mores!

Farage has to go as first step to restoring UKIP to its members. That is a necesary but not sufficient condition for a democratic UKIP. Removing all his paid Cabal placemen is also necesasry. There is no point in removing Farage only for his stooge Nuttall to take his place. We have been there before with Pearson, the Farage stooge leader who had not bothered to read the party manifesto. But the rot goes deeper. I remember Crowther trying to butter me up at the SWRC. He was very disappointed when I told him I was solely interested in getting our country back and out of the EU and I was not interested in internal UKIP machinations.

The fish rots from the head and in UKIP's case the rot has like gangrene spread so far into its body politic that I fear the case is terminal.

If the needed UKIP reform comes, and its very unlikely, it has to be from outside the NEC/Cabal. Perhaps Natrass's  reported court action against his exclusion from the West Midlands MEP slate. Nikki being kicked out for refusing to sit with Farage's fascist allies in the farcical European talking shop if it gets proper mdia coverage. Perhaps a campaign to get Mrs James as UKIP's lead candidate in the South East.

The real long shot is Bloom, buoyed up by his recent media adulation of his political incorrectness taking over Farage's media slots. Someone has to given Farage's air time as he has said he will be concentrating on sorting out UKIP's omnishambles of a party machine. The media will see more prospect of stories about Bloom Scousers like Nuttall have never gone down well in Beeb land since the days of Degsy Hatton.

I live in faint hope but I expect disappointment. UKIP will be assimilated into the EU political machine and Lord Farage of Brussels will emerge in due course from the smoke filled room.


Timeline Visitor said...

In a parallel world, UKIP is led by Dr Eric Edmond, since 2006, while Farage leads a party called English Independents, which garnered 25% of the vote in the last council elections.

UKIP is expected to fold down following its dismal 0.8% show, down 2.2 points from its previous result.

Eric Edmond said...

Dear visitor from the planet Farage I have no desire to lead any poltical party, UKIP, English Democrats, Scot Nats or Monster Rsving Loony.

Yes UKIP will win lots of meaningless votes in 2014 both local and European but this will not advance our cause anything like winning a Westminster seat which would really put the wind up LibLabCon and such seats are the only way out of the EU. Anything else is just more dosh for Farage to trouser whilst plotting his next Westminster election failure. Surely he has got the message. Nobody in their right mind will vote for a fag smokin,g boozer with some dodgy mid European political friends. Mrs James and those like her can achieve this for UKIP if Farage takes aback seat and gives them room.

ALAN WOOD said...

As you clearly point out, the prospects for the UK to leave the EU are bleak whilst Farage & Co represent the "Outers".
The alternative of Mrs.James gives hope but I think she would have to lead "Alternative UKIP" rather than challenge Farage on his terms.
As Dr. North points out, the proposed Referendum would probably be lost under the current situation of Farage's UKIP being involved.
Selling the Harrogate Agenda to the public is a massive ask. The EU prison door may be closed and bolted before that grows legs.
With the complacency of the British public it would take a financial meltdown as in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain with massive unemployment and loss of savings to get the public on the streets and voting for an alternative party to the UKIP/LIB/LAB/CON.
I like the idea of building "Alternative UKIP" around Mrs.James and contesting the European Parliament elections on a Prospectus that includes all MEP candidates pledging to give part of their salary to charities chosen by their constituents.

Autonomous Mind said...

As always, the critics sally forth and bring with them nothing but insults about the author.

There is never any challenge of the substance of the argument, just ad hominem nonsense to deflect attention away from the issues.

It has become clear, the Faragista is rattled. They are worried that more people are seeing Farage for what he is and more people are realising UKIP is currently unfit for purpose.

Having bought in to the Farage cult and adopted UKIP membership like a belief system, they cannot walk away and save face. So they play the man instead of the ball and try to sow confusion.

Meanwhile, the fish head continues to rot.

As Eric has said before, we can't all be wrong when our assessment is so uniform. Although rather than taking a back seat I would prefer to see Farage get off the bus entirely.