Wednesday, 28 August 2013

UKIP the protest party but for how long?

UKIP are riding high in the polls just now. Farage claims it is all down to him and the sycophants chant Yes Nigel you are so wonderful. Absolute tosh.The electorate are currently cheesed off with LibLabCon and want to give them a kick up their three cheeked bum. Frankly if UKIP were lead by a performing monkey which come to think they are the electorate would right now tell the pollsters they intend voting for UKIP.

This will attract the attention of LibLabCon who have a whole army of media sycophants who even now are digging into Farage's past. They may unearth more nuggets for the tabloids and more trouble for Farage. Ah well, c'est la vie as the French say.

The main sycophants by that time will be ensconced in their lucrative meaningless MEP seats as will Farage. Who loses? The UKIP rank and file and those of us who want no preferement financial or otherwise but just to see our country free.

But what will happen in the 2015 General Election? Well you won't get Farage and the Cabal talking about this. I confidently pedict it will be UKIP nil point. Farage and the Cabal will have trousered the EU dosh (our dosh) and who cares. As Tom Lehrer sang in his Werner von Braun song. The rockets go up whosh who cares where they come downm its not my department. Once the Cabal have the EU dosh in their pockets who cares? Ukip will have seved their purpose, lined their pockets and maybe got them a red leather seat. What more could a sycophant ask for.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who Quotes Lehrer is someone of perspicacity!

ALAN WOOD said...

Perspicacity, and integrity.

The Anti Common Market league stated with a handful of people. It developed into a horde looking for a leader and along came "butcher" Farage who joined UKIP and stood in the 1994 European elections.
Like a snake-oil salesman finding a gullible audience suffering Anti-Common Market-itis Farage found his destiny as a leading player in UKIP.
He stayed in the shadows as a supporter of UKIP and was fortunate in having a superb organiser in the late Malcolm Wood, and a brilliant leader in Michael Holmes who had the computer-literate Ron Dickinson and Tony Gatling running the party out of a superb HQ in Salisbury.
Holmes and other leaders were undermined by insider forces leaving Farage in charge.
Farage is a market trader, living on his wits and UKIP has provided him with a lifestyle that suits him.
His man-management skills are akin to those of a North Korean leader.
The likes of Eric Edmond with integrity, skills and experience of the world outside the futures market and the EU were ousted leaving Farage as leader of a shell company called UKIP.

With Cameron now committing hari-kiri over Iraq the public will see Miliband in a better light than Tony Blair and vote for him, even in the European elections when he plays his Referendum card.

A week is a long time in politics and Farage has just "hit the wall" in his marathon.