Saturday, 31 August 2013

Integrity dare not speak its name in .UKIP

I made a simple request recently of a well known, talented, honest intelligent man in UKIP. My request was trivial and could have helped our cause. This man  was clearly worried about acceding to my request. I surmised his integrity had been compromised by being close to Farage and his Cabal.

This is what happens to decent people when they get near the top of UKIP. They lose their previous integrity or it is destroyed by the Cabal. Other political parties allow their members to retain their views where these d8isagree with the party leader and remain members even prominent members of their party. Look how many Tories, even cabinet ministers voted in the House against Cameron and his Obama poodle policy. Will they be smeared, abused and kicked out of the Conservative party? You must be joking that only happens in cults and UKIP is now a Farage cult.

Nikki Sinclaire stood up for her beliefs that UKIP should not be aligned with and sit in the European parliament with nasty neo-fascist mid European groups matter how much money is offered or how much Farage gains from such alliances . She has been villified and kicked out of UKIP by the Farage Cabal. She has worked hard and effectively for many years for UKIP and this is her reward. No I don't agree with everything Nikki has done or said but I have no doubt, net net, she was a huge asset to UKIP. Her offence was not damaging UKIP electorally but damaging Farage's super sensitive ego.

Trevor Colman MEP a man who has worked for over 15 years for Ukip is not on the UKIP MEP slate but recent Tory Helmer is on the slate along with a collection of third rate recent Tory converts. UKIP increasingly is a party of self seeking Tory failures. Cameron must be really grateful to Farage for taking this bunch of no hopers off his hands leaving him free to pursue  his LibDem agenda. Nikki was one

I count the good people with real integrity like Martin Haslam who have been kicked out of UKIP by Farage and weep. Are those recent Tory recruits to the MEP slate many of whom have only been in UKIP for a matter of months. Are they people of integrity? I doubt it. I remember the UKIP charges against me were assembled by ex-Tory Bannerman. Where is Bannerman now? Back with the Tories and that's where I expect these recent MEP slate recruits to go after the 2014 European elections.

Poor UKIP ordinary members. Read Animal Farm and learn what UKIP is.

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