Monday, 2 September 2013

Old Tories never die they become UKIP MEPs

The UKIP MEP slates are stuffed full of Farage's Johnny come lately old Tory chums seeking a cushy £1 million over the 5 years 2014 to 2019. Nice work if you can get  and you can get if you suck up to Farage. What have the ordinary UKIP members done to deserve this third rate collection of avaricious non-entities? Well they voted for Farage and supported his constitutional reforms which removed all checks on the leader's dictatatorial power and you could say they got what they deserved. That's a bit unfair. They will never have met anyone like Farage or anyone who behaves like Farage in their whole lives.

The East Midlands region is typical, Roger Helmer & Mragot Parker stood against UKIp and does anyone know who Barry Mahoney, Nigel Wickens and Johnathan Bullock are or more to the point what have they done in UKIP?

This region was run down under the less than dynamic Derek Clarke MEP so UKIP foot soldiers are very thin on the ground. They think the UKIP protest vote will be enough to get them on the Bruusels. I think they are right.

Does anyone know if Marta Andreasen or Bannerman are on any Tory MEP slates? Answers please in the comments section.

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Mike Bridgeman said...

According to this they are