Sunday, 22 September 2013

Farage, a useful fool for the BBC

I switched on R4 on Saturday morning about 8:10 to hear Farage's irritating tones stopping me getting back to sleep. He was being interviewed by John Humphrys, generally reckoned to be the Beeb's toughest interviewer, on Bloomgate. Guess what? Humphrys was giving Farage a very easy ride. What on earth is going on I thought and then the penny dropped.

EUKIP has always been useful to the BBC as an alternative to the unacceptable BNP. This enabled the Beeb to achieve its so called 'right left balance' without having to talk to Old Nick. Hence Nuttall is able to trot out the line that circa 2008/09 UKIP had been infiltrated by BNP who were the people responsible for all UKIP's silly policies of that period. Do you think Nuttall dreamed that up all by himself? Of course not! Original thinking is not Mr Nuttall's strong suit. Total obedience to Farage and a willingness not to question the Fuhrer's orders are Nuttall's only talents.

But now the Beeb have found a further bigger use for UKIP, to undermine the Tories electorally. Hence the word has gone out to big up Farage and give him a soft ride but go for Cameron and the Tories. Partly this is because of the Beeb's LibLab bias but also the realisation that the Tories could do them real damage in their pockets by introducing salary caps for BBC executives etc. Now the Beeb cannot ever cosy up to the Tories even although both organisations have many gay cavaliers. It is unthinkable, so the strategy is to get the Tories out of office asap.

Dave's marginal MPs are terrified of UKIP. The latest poll shows them losing 32 marginals they now hold to Labour as the Tory vote leaks to UKIP. Even better for the Beeb! This will force the Tories into more extreme right wing policy positions to placate their troops. These policies can then be more easily attacked but they will be attacked as Tory policies leaving Farage to bask in his ill deserved popularity until the election. But after Red Ed is in No10 and Comrade Balls in No11 then a new more lethal Damien McPoison will be unleashed on Farage. Do they think Damien was the only Omen in the Brownite arsenal? As Warren Buffet says there is never just one cockroach in the kitchen.


Alan Wood said...

Bloom has had years on the gravy train in Brussels. How much better if UKIP MEP's had all pledged to give a percentage of their salary to their local hospice. Too greedy for that.
They were hoist by their own petard by taking Queen Angela's shilling particularly as they had no chance of influencing EU law.
Had a comedian like Paul O'Grady made the sluts reference it would have been a hoot, but Bloom compounded the problem by letting the BBC "flea" bite him. Surely they know by now that Crick has to be treated like a silly schoolboy interviewer.

I totally agree with you that the BBC hates Cameron and will use any ploy to defeat him. They supported the LibDems when Major's vote was leaking away.

Not that Cameron, or Clegg, deserve any sympathy for clinging to the EU. More Ed Balls and Alistar Campbell is not to be relished either. What a bunch of midgets they are, in thrall to the GlobalisTS who control them.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes Alan they are a sordid and greedy bunch of freeloaders. Still, thee are not many left except for the wounded Greek man with flies sucking away. When an onlooker tried to bush them off he said No, No they have had their fill but the fresh ones will be hungry. Same with wannabee UKIP MEPs. Thet want on the gravy train asap and then the whole cycle will start again.

How to change it? Get rid of Farage, Nuttall & Crowther and await Fuller's memoirs.