Friday, 20 September 2013

Bloom rains on Farage's big day

I have no sympathy for Farage. He chose, supported and lived with Bloom in Brussels and deserves all the odure that will now descend on UKIP followings Bloom's assault on a journalist and insulting remarks about women. The latter he has done before and been able to shelter behind the great leaders jack boots but not this time. The media have tasted blood and now they will go after Farage big time.

UKIP's rank and file I have great sympathy for. They have been let down badly by their leadership and seen their cause seriously damaged. There are lots of Blooms at the top of UKIP. I wonder when that penny will drop with the UKIP foot soldiers. They have to take back control of the party from Farage, Crowther and Nuttall very quickly or their cause will end up in the trash can of history.

For me this most depressing sight was to see Annabelle Fuller shepherding  Bloom along the street away from the media. Fuller is an intimate friend of Farage who 5 years ago claims she left in a London taxi her lap top containing confidential test interviews with every UKIP MEP candidate for the 2009 European elections. Only two people had access to that material Fuller and Clive Page the then UKIP press officer. One interview with a candidate whose campaign the Cabal wished to sabotage was subsequently posted on the web with the demeaning headline, 'How not to do politics' . It was posted from Morocco.

Ms Fuller had spent holidays in Morocco. Ms Fuller's explanation was that the lap top was returned to her some days later by the London cabbie and that he or others must have posted the interview on the web.Presumably the lap top had made a trip to Morocco and back!

Why that one interview out of the 150 or so done? Unbelievable.

Whittaker, then UKIP chairman and Farage supporter said to the NEC that he accepted Fuller's explanation but added that Fuller would be kicked out of UKIP and no longer allowed access to UKIP material.  Farage backed this line. At the NEC Del Young and I laughed at this pathetic tale.We knew however Fulller's close friendship with Farage would ensure she would be back in the UKIP fold which today's TV evidence shows she now is.

There are still good people in UKIP. I thought Mr Wolfe spoke well before Bloom and Mrs James said all the right things after the Bloom story broke. Helmer, Tory turned  UKIP MEP was a disaster on the C4 7 pm news. His attempts at damage limitation was a complete failure.

Farage' mask slipped badly afterwards when he rudely ignored the C4 journalist Crick who tried to interview him about Bloom. His rudeness completely destroyed his carefully cultivated public image of a decent bloke in a pub. That was exposed as the sham it is by the Crick incident. The media will now destroy Farage. The sad thing is UKIP will be destroyed also. As Abe Licoln said You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Farage is just about to find that out.

Will he have the guts to appear on the BBC Sunday morning politics shows? Now that will be interesting.                  

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