Wednesday, 18 September 2013

More UKIP kangaroo courts

I was shocked to read that Chris Pain, an elected member of UKIP's NEC and an elected District Councillor has been kicked off the UKIP NEC. You can read about it by clicking on

In the true UKIP sordid tradition there are few details of the charges against Chris Pain, process or judges. All I can glean is that  he is alleged by a unamed UKIP spokesman to have, " done  a specific thing that  that was in clear breach of our own rules and that was the reason.”  Five years ago I reported to the NEC a clear breach of candidate selection rules by Mr Gill in allowing Andreasen to stand as a UKIP MEP. She was subsequently elected and after that defected to the the Tories. Gill was in charge of UKIP candidate selection. He admitted he had waived the rules. What happened to Gill? With Farage's support nothing and he still appears as a platform speaker at high profile UKIP events. What happened to me for pointing out this breach of UKIP rules? Like Chris I was kicked off the NEC which I had been elected onto and later debarred from standing as a candidate in any election. Farage boasted that he would ensure I would not be allowed to stand as a UKIP candidate for a Parish Council.

The name Crowther, Farage's placeman UKIP chairman, figures in versions of this story. I first met Crowther at a UKIP SW meeting. I did not know who he was, why he was there or who had invited him. He attempted to ingratiate himself with me approaches I rejected. I instictively distrusted him.

Farage's vindictive behaviour still continues. When Audrey Spencer our local UKIP candidate for the Somerset County Council sadly died just before the election I was asked by the local branch to step in as candidate. Out of respect for Audrey I willingly agreed although it entailed rejoining UKIP to do so. This was vetoed by Crowther. I was not surprised but local ordinary members were shocked.

Another who it appears has been smeared by the UKIP cabal is Anne-Marie Crampton, UK Independence Party candidate in East Sussex  suspended by the party over reports she posted anti-Semitic comments online. She has consistently denied this stating her account was hacked. She writes scathingly about UKIP thus:

"Anna-Marie Crampton · Top Commenter
I was one of those that UKIP clearly "didn't like" and "didn't fit the mold" when i ran as a candidate in the CC elections in East Sussex last May... UKIP management's cronies hacked in to my Facebook account (allegedly), created a ghost or clone account using my name, photograph and my email to access my main account... wrote a whole load of anti semitic rubbish in my name which no thanks to their useless press department, resulted in a nationwide indeed, world wide negative press campaign against me which has carried on over many months. The last publication that i am aware of, with negative comments related to myself was just a month ago in The Sunday Times! They deliberately tried to wreck my reputation and standing in the community and possibly make me a target of extremists who assumed (wrongly) that i am anti semitic and a crazed conspiracy theorist... they then, suspended me. It was a vicious, nasty, reckless and dangerous attempt to discredit me. It was a difficult time but, i weathered it and held my head high. I still ran in the CC Elections and indeed my colleague and i did incredibly well. Why? Because the local community and indeed UKIP branch members didn't for one minute believe the negative publicity cooked up by these vicious but incredibly ambitious thugs within UKIP... Shameful. I have since resigned from UKIP and am convinced that UKIPs upper management were behind this witch hunt. There is no way that UKIP are committed to free speech or democracy. I believe they are just another right wing controlled opposition party who are supporting and abetting the establishment's agenda. Some of grassroots remain in denial but, when the truth comes out and it will, they are in for an unpleasant awakening when they realise they have all been well and truly used.. and conned. There is no loyalty within UKIP, no respect and no thanks for hard work or loyal support by its members, candidates and councillors... in fact, from what i have witnessed first hand, grassroots are lucky to receive so much as the crumbs from management's table."

There are undoubtedly vicious, unprincipled, incredibly ambitious but talentless people near the top of UKIP eager to secure their position on the EU gravy train that UKIP hangers on receive large amounts of money from. Ordinary honest decent UKIP supporters have cannot conceive  how unprincipled these people are. These decent UKIP members will as Ms Crampton says find out some day they have been conned. I hope that day comes soon.


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ALAN WOOD said...

418Reminds me of the time that Iain Sheldon of Carmarthenshire was drummed out of the party for an alleged racist remark. This was "dreamed-up" by the Regional Organiser Jim Carver, a true member of Farage's Praetorian Guard.
His true crime was that his branch supported the leadership bid of a Farage opponent, Mr. Suchorchewski if I remember correctly, who himself was the subject of unfounded allegations by the UKIP hit squad.
But do not think that this kind of behaviour is limited to UKIP.
Remember Ellie & Dave land from Calne ? Ellie was alleged to have emailed a joke about Immigrants on Social Security benefits - it was everywhere being passed around because it was so funny, and apt.
Unfortunately it reached a LibDem Councillor who must have brought it to the notice of the Tories.
Without a hearing, Francis Maude (pro-EU Tory extraordinaire)killed Ellie's hopes of becoming a Tory candidate.

These political types are ruthless. Unless you are a rabid sycophant you will not progress. They use you then abuse you.
But the world is full of them - dictators, often so-called religious MEN, in Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria, and particularly the EU where they created a type of dictatorial government by persuading leaders of national governments to give away their powers in small packets that would not be sufficiently provoking to their electorates.

The fightback has to start by killing off UKIP and providing something better.