Thursday, 12 September 2013

So what is Farage up to?

The excellent Autonomous mind blog, click on link, has highlighted  how at the recent large UKIP rally on 7th Sept, attended by 900 people Farage made no mention of leaving the EU. It was covered by the local rag the Shropshire Star. The rally was paid for by Jill Seymour and her husband. Ms Seymour. I sat on the NEC with Ms Seymour. On any contentitious issue opposed by Farage she would stare fixedly at the table in front of her. Phrases involving chocolate teapot spring to mind.

She is on the UKIP MEP slate for the West Midlands. I wonder why?

I had a chat with Del Young today. Del was on the NEC with me and Ms Seymour and is brilliant at seeing through Farage. I learned a lot from Del to the extent that I feel I know what Farage will do in any circumstances.

We concluded that Farage sees his future in the EU leading a pan-European party. Post 2014 with an increased number of UKIP MEPs he will be in a very strong bargaining position with his mid European neo-fascist allies to be leader of a right wing pan-European party. But it gets better for Farage. He will turn the UKIP leadership in the UK over to some controllable place man for the 2015 UK general election like he did last time with Pearson.  Remember Pearson, the leader who did not know what was in the UKIP 2010 election manifesto. Well come 2015 it will be deja vu all over again.

The icing on the Farage cake will be that Dave will put him into the House of Lords! That stops him spoiling the Tory party in 2015, not that he would want to. Rubbing shoulders with the aristos is Farage's idea of heaven.

And what of UKIP and getting us out of the EU? Well it is all forgotten. UKIP will have served its purpose for Farage.  He will be one of the great and the good -at last! He can move up through the well paid ranks of the EU leading his pan-European party for as long as he wants to.

And what of the poor UKIP members supporters who have loyally supported Farage? In one of Del's favourite phrases they will have been fooled, used and abused. Where would the generals have been without their cannon fodder?


ALAN WOOD said...

We know that Farage was a broker, and by all accounts not a wealthy one. He joined UKIP in 1993 and became an MEP in 1999.
Where did he get his money to undertake his UKIP activities across the country for 6 years, speaking continually from N to S, E to W?

In view of the number of Masons put in place such as the late Malcolm Wood, Steve Harris and others I cannot mention in the South West, was Farage working as a lightning conductor for anti-EU sentiment on behalf of the Tories, or just a cunning chancer ?

Anonymous said...

You are utterly wrong about the Telford speech - I have just listened to it.

UKIP has been accused of being a one-trick pony. So, the party diversifies to outline more elements of the policy.

So, while his speech majored on things like energy and immigration, there was the underlying thread of Europe throughout it, that the UK can only manage its own affairs out of the EU.

I speak facts, so I dare you to deny them by "moderating" my comments out.

Eric Edmond said...

Dear AM,

I never used moderation on my blog for many years. It then attracted a load of totally off topic rubbish. I had to stop this but anything relevant gets published. I can take criticism.

Re your comments, what Farage says and what he does are completely different. I concentrate on the latter.

Look at who financed Telford and follow the money to understand where Farage is going.

Anonymous said...

"made no mention of leaving the EU"

You say you accept criticism. Please acknowledge that this statement is untrue.

What he said, and what he thinks or does are different, yes.

Sean O'Hare said...

We concluded that Farage sees his future in the EU leading a pan-European party

I understood that the idea of UKIP joining a pan-European party was voted down by the membership. Are you suggesting the NF will attempt to overturn this? Seems a bit far-fetched to me.

Autonomous Mind said...

Anonymous, your comment would stand up if UKIP actually had any focus on withdrawing from the EU.

The absence of any rebuttal of the lies and misinformation coming out of CCHQ, Open Europe, CBI, BNE et al, demonstrates UKIP has disengaged from the EU debate. There isn't even anything on their website countering the spin and deception. Nothing.

UKIP having left the field, the Europhiles are pushing their narrative uncontested and people will assume they are therefore correct. Farage calls the shots and this is his decision to focus on other issues, putting party electoral aspirations before principle and winning public support on the EU issue.

How curious that he chooses to 'diversify' to other elements just as the Europhiles lay down the gauntlet. Having an internal underlying thread, while remaining mute to the public, doesn't help the withdrawalist argument, it undermines it. So whose interest is Farage serving?

How's that for facts?

Eric Edmond said...

Dear Anonymous,

The report I read of Telford was no mention of leaving the EU. I was not there so I may have been misinformed.

Why don't you put your name to your comments or are youscared to?


ALAN WOOD said...

I have taken the trouble to listen to the Farage speech at Telford, courtesy of the internet.

Whilst I personally loathe Farage for his lack of democracy and his tactics to stay as a well-paid Party Leader, I find myself in the camp which says that this was a well-crafted speech.

The reason I say that is because UKIP are still in the business of raising their profile, especially among Labour voters. He used the Morris "formula" of highlighting the effects of EU membership on every aspect of our lives.

I found it interesting that he mentioned Enoch Powell, his "hero" and was critical of his "rivers of blood" speech for going too far. He was clever enough to realise that the very threat of Bulgarians in UK is enough to raise the ire of Labour voters.

UKIP is a "beacon" for anti-EU sentiment and its opposition to the EU has always been well-articulated by UKIP speakers. It has taken a while for the party to be proved right in the face of the massed ranks of the Europhiles.

In my view it is too early to tell the public (and UKIP supporters)how to get out of the EU, legally or otherwise. Alienate as few supporters as possible and fan the flames of opposition and resentment among the public are pre-requisites to a good election result.

The anti-EU feelings among the public only needs to be allied to a general feeling among the Middle and Working classes that UKIP would be a better bet than Conservative, Labour or the Lib-Dems for a remarkable election result in 2014 to be translated into a useful election result in 2015.

As the Americans declare "It's the economy, stupid". If the austerity measures in UK fail to yield results the Conservatives will have the Elite class joining with the others to clear them out.
Bilderberger "elder" Ken Clarke has signalled that the "Elite" are not happy by putting forward the claims of Osborne, attendee at the last Bilderberg conference.

Farage reminds me of "Lord Sugar", - a trader like Farage; astute, adept & ruthless.

Ask yourself the question "Would Farage be able to stand up to Obama or Putin in a difficult situation ?".

Is he popular ? Does he say what the man in the street is thinking ?

We my not like him but it's easy to sit behind a keyboard and play virtual leadership. Farage has fought off all opposition - the European elections could make or break him.