Wednesday, 11 September 2013

So how exactly do we leave the EU?

Farage has no idea how we can leave the EU. He avoids this difficult point prefering soft easy irrelevant targets like Rumpy. Its a very tricky, probably insoluble problem..Even so it surely deserves some little attention. I have never read or heard anything from Farage on the subject. He does not do serious thinking. A serious drawback in a great leader.

Hitler did lay out his great plans in Mein Kampf described by Wikipedia thus:

 Mein Kampf (pronounced [maɪ̯n kampf], "My Struggle") is an autobiographicalmanifesto by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, in which he outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany. Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926.

It was all laid out there what Hitler would do. The pity was few in the twenties took it seriously. UKIP could do with its Mein Kampf as it currently has no plan of action whatsover. Some plan must be better than no plan don't you agree?

Who in UKIP can produce such a plan or book? Well sadly no one I have ever met. The cabal is not known for serious intellect. Shelf stacking in Tescos is the limit of their abilities.

The hour is coming but where is the man?  Answers  please in my comments.

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ALAN WOOD said...

Dear Eric,
I believe that Farage is far from big enough to fight the EU.
But is this a part of an even bigger battle ?
It is clear that the EU is a part of the One World Order (often quoted by Tony Blair) which has the UN at its head. I believe that the international order of Freemasonry and its offshoots in Round Table & Bilderberger are creating a One World Order which they can control, financially and ethically. It is almost an alternative religion.
When a senior Civil Servant I had many discussions on the presence or otherwise of GOD with what I found out were senior Freemasons. I was being courted but never joined and my career withered. They appeared to be almost an anti-religion group.

Dr. North has highlighted today the story of the UN official and the "bedroom tax".

Mrs Rolnik has every right to carry out her investigations on housing provision in the UK, and make such reports as she thinks fit to the Commission on Human Rights and other UN bodies.

Her activity is part of that growing and increasingly powerful system of world governance, largely invisible and almost entirely unrecognised – until, that is, that we get an incident such as the one reported.

"...Mrs Rolnik's action is only the tiniest tip of a huge iceberg which, alongside the European Union, is systematically destroying any vestige of independent government in the UK. And it is doing so without the least amount of awareness by politicians and the legacy media."

Of course, the legacy media is controlled by the Freemasons and attendees at the Bilderberger conferences.

After 70 years of life and 20 years of trying to understand the way the world works I think I'm getting closer to the truth.

I'm beginning to think that Farage was right in that the EU might implode rather than yield to the anti-EU brigade.
There was an interesting intellectual in Marlborough some years ago who had researched the life of empires, and it is shorter than you think. Yesterday's tirade by Barroso suggests that the EU is on the slippery slope.