Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Immigration pigeons have nowhere to roost

The refusal to link issues that patently strongly interact has always made me mad. The trite little phrase is that these are seperate issues. Everything interacts with everything else it is only a question of how strong the interaction is. This comes from the domination of lawyers in our parliament who love to put things into little self contained boxes.

The LibCon Industrial complex frequent assertion that imigration is an unqualified good thing comes into that category is now exposed by the staggeringly obvious sequel that admitting lots of young people into a country like the UK with a generous welfare state leads to an increase in the birth rate. The UK pays people to have children. Five years after bith they need schools to go to. This seems to have escaped the BBC who shock horror have just announced we dont have enough primary school places to meet this perfectly predictable demand. They had 5 years warning but the BBC arts types of course are incapable of adding 2 and 2 toogether or handling quantitative information.

UKIP has of course its own residnt expert on female fertility one Godders Bloom. He also claims to be a financial advisor but neither he nor his master Farage has picked up on this obhvious source of UKIP political capital..

Politiciams never look further ahead than the next election when problems crated are bequeathed to the next government.

More children also requires more housing, more heath care more secondary schools, more of everything but these are separate issues handled by separate ministries and ministers.

Sorry to write twice in one day but the French are about to cut off my dongle. Still, that did not seem to do Farage any harm.

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