Saturday, 26 October 2013

An Immigration truth that dare not speak its name.

Exactly four years ago my wife and I visited Oz to sail the barrier reef and see the Ashes first test at Brisbane. We arrived in Sydney from the UK and Oz Immgration made us bin all our nice Cox's apples to avoid the chance of bringing any plant infections into Oz. The Aussies were dead right not to put at risk their huge agricultural industry for a few Pom tourists.

It set me thinking and I recalled how 20 years previously one of my colleagues had decided to emigrate to Oz. He had the offer of a good job at CSIRO Melbourne but he, his wife and children had to undergo a very rigorous healt examination at their own expense to prove they were fit and healthy and would not be a burden on the Oz health system but also, like the our apples, they were not carrying any nasty transmittable infectitious disease. My colleague Alan was found to have an arthritic little finger on his left hand. As a result he had to undergo and pay for a whole further battery of tests to prove his arthritis was only in his little finger and he would not be a burden on the state.

The Aussies have got this dead right. They also have no truck with angry Muslims. As an Aussie minister said on TV whilst we were there if these guys are looking for an Islamic paradise its not called Australia.

The biggest adult health hazard facing the UK is multiple  drug resistant TB. All cases have been traced back to third world immigrants from the sub-continent or Africa . Does it matter? You bet it does. Its very contagious in the close packed  housing conditions that these immigrants choose to live in.

Our idiot boy politicians like Clegg have forgotten what a devastating disease TB was  pre 1950 and the dicovery and use of the PAS  Strep combination of drugs poineered in Edinburgh by Sir John Crofton then Dean of the medical school. I visited John about 4 years ago. I was glad I did. He was then 96 and died the following year.

The PAS/Strep combination which costs less than one thousand pounds per patient  is useless against the multiple drug resistant TB that comes in with these immigrants. Do we demand tests prior to arrival in the UK to test all immigrants? We do not. The bleeding hearts say it would stigmatise these immigrants. Wait till one of their relatives contracts MDR TB  and dies although as there are few immigrants in Notting Hill etc  where the bleeding hearts live they are not at high risk. Its different for the poor of Hackney but they are not members of the chattering classes and don't figure in the Guardian.

MDR TB can be cured but it takes 2-5 years and the course of drug treatment involved costs one to two millin pounds. Thats right over a million pounds per case! Ask Sally Davies, the government CMO.

I can only quote Enoch Powell. Future generations will think we must have been mad to let these people in. So whenever some greedy business man talks of the benefits of Immigration ask them if they will indemnify the UK against the cost of treating MDR TB that some of these migrants carry.

Why, oh why can we not learn from the Australians and the Swiss. Well it involves confronting the actualite something our poiliticians run a mile from.  They truly live in their cosseted Westminster/ Brussels bubble and never have to engage with ordinary people. An outbreak of MDR TB in Westminster is the only thing that might impinge on these useless people.


Edward Spalton said...

On a lighter note.
A very posh, upper class Englishmen was going through Australian immigration. The immigration officer was rather unpleasant and eventually demanded.
"Have you got a criminal record?"

"My dear fellow" replied the toff " I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realise it was still necessary"

L fairfax said...

Surely it was 3 years ago?

David Abbott said...

Its not just TB.

We allow in immigrants with HIV, parasites of various kinds, mental illness, renal impairment etc. as well as inherited conditions like thallasemia and sickle cell disease. And they get it all treated free, courtesy of the British taxpayer.

Its not just Australia that has the sense to want to bar these. Canada and the USA also only allow healthy immigrants who pass their medical exam and tests.

Eric Edmond said...


I completely agree. These countries are behaving sensibly. We are not.

I chose TB because as you know it is highly infectious and therefore economically more damaging. I believe treatment for drug resistant TB is very expensive.


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