Thursday, 24 October 2013

Be sure your schoolboy transgressions will be found

That is the cross politicians will have to bear in this google/internet age. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone but a little forethought begore opening the gob might save a lot of angst.

Latest to be caught out is LibDem serial-shagger Clegg on Mr Ferrari's LBC show.

Here is Clegg after Ferraris relevations about how Clegg was brilliantly taught at Westminster, a very expensive and exclusive school in central London.

It must have hurt when Ferrari revealed he was taught:

English by a former Royal Marine, Mr Coggan

Their Oxbridge entrance tutor and history teacher was a Mr Cook. Despite not having a teaching qualification he managed to get the Clegon into Cantab.

Classics was taught by a Mr Zinn who ignored the set texts and got excellent results without a PGCE.

The truth is a PGCE course does not teach you how to teach. It simply requires you to regurgitate large amounts of Guardian type drivel.

The difference is then these people go on to teach anything irrespective of their subject knowledge. It is the root cause of the UK sinking down the internatinal league tables in Physics, Maths etc. How many state schools even try to teach classics. How many state school teachers have an A -level in Latin, Maths or Physics? When parents pay for their sprogs to be educated they expect them to be taught by someone who knows their subject not a politically correct twat.

Dulwich must have been good enough at German if the schoolboy Farage could sing the Horst Wessel and other Nazi schools

Milliband junior was well versed in Marx. Now that may be on the PGCE curriculm!

 As for Dave at Eton there is nothing to report. The last former OE premier, Sir Alec Douglas Home was allegedly a dab hand with what one could do to ones fag with a cricket stump.

I doubt if Tony was taught by many PGCE types at Fettes.

The bigggest private fee paying school in Edinburgh is Watsons, FPs M Rifkind and Chris Hoy. I well remember its head venturing into enemy territory of Heriots fifty years ago and stating although he had a first class degree from Oxford as far as the Scottish Education Dept was cocerned he was just another uncertificated  teacher.

Star teachers like star footballers are born not made by politically correct PGCE labels.

I gather Alan Sugar wants Cameron to fire Clegg after his latest gaff. Dave of course won't. Clegg gaffs will be manna to the Tories at the next election.


Steve Allison said...

Hi Eric,

"The truth is a PGCE course does not teach you how to teach. It simply requires you to regurgitate large amounts of Guardian type drivel"

100% true.

Eric Edmond said...

I completely agree Steve. You caqnnot teach how to teach. You either can or as for most you cannnot.

Eric Edmond said...

Funny piece by Matthew Norman in Saturday Telegraph entitled "If only i'd given Clegg the beating he needed" for incinerating his toast when Clegg was Norman's fag. Tracing a different time line Norman opines Huhne would have become LibDem leader for Vicky Pryce to blow him and them out of the water just prior to 2009 General Election. Pure Flashman. George MacDonald Fraser would have been proud of it.