Monday, 21 October 2013

The Tory party is inherently more democratic than UKIP

I admire the way Tories of all shades from Douglas Carswell to backbench Europhiles can express views critical of, and opposing, the policies of the Tory leadership and remain respected and admired members of their party. It is not allowed in UKIP. Any views opposing Farage's views are seen as treason rather than the plain common sense they frequently are. Why is this? Well the Tories are a British party born and bred whereas UKIP is now a creation and  creature of the EU. It did not have to be but when Farage put EU money before anti-EU principles and went to Brussels to take the EU's thirty pieces of silver the die was cast.

It did not have to be thus. Many starting with UKIP's founder Alan Sked and after that Del Young and even little me opposed sending UKIP MEPs to Brussels to be further corrupted. Alan is no longer in UKIP and Del was improperly kicked out by Nuttall and I am now a non-person.

True in 2009 I allowed my name to go forward onto the UKIP SW MEP slate but I made it clear that if elected the whole of any salary I received from the EU I  would donate to UKIP. Legge, the belted Earl, found my pledge incompatible with his Etonian standards. Ah Eric Blair where are you now? The Farage cabal fearing my heresy might be catching arranged for my de-selection from the SW list tout de suite. The same cabal reinstated Towler who had been democratically de-selected by the SW back onto the list.

It is by quite deliberate design that the EU charade of parliament places all power with the party managers who control the party candidate slates. This ensures political powerstays within the political elite who are so very accommodating to the EU line when fed lots of money and perks. It of course suits Farage and his ilk down to the ground. Make no mistake Farage and his cabal are fully paid up members of the EU political elite. The little charades on Question Time are the circuses put on to entertain the plebs, to use an in vogue word. The other part of the Roman Emperors recipe on how to rule, bread, is proving currently a little more difficult for the colleagues with the current huge unemployment in club Med land.

There is no doubt Cameron would like to control theTory party candidate selection the way Farage totally controls the UKIP selection process. He has his A-list etc but Tory local democracy is strong nowhere more so than here in the South West where a very independent lady Sarah Woolaston was chosen and elected as a Tory MP by a US style primary election. Note how Dave has not repeated this procedure. He is aware that such democratic processes might be catching.

But even some conventionally selected Tories like Carswell are largely uncontrollable by Dave and oik Gideon. Carswell and his ilk are chosen by local Tories as their best, and probably, chance of winning the seat. In European elections a monkey on the party list would be voted in. Talent is not required as most UKIP MEPs regularly prove.

That's why UKIP has never won a Westminster parliamentary seat despite Farage's numerous personal expensive failures. The closest they came was with Mrs James in the recent Eastleigh by election. She was chosen in the Tory style by the local party allegedly against Farage's wishes. Note how Mrs James appears only at no 3 on the SE UKIP slate. In 2009 Andreasen, a non-UK national, but highly favoured by Farage at that time, went on as no 2. Ah you say but that was the vote of the members. Indeed but Andreasen and in the SW Legge was given far more local party publicity than the other candidates but that is the EU/BBC way. Voters are easy to manipulate if you control the publicity conduit! But Mr Farage as Abe Lincoln said you can't fool all of the people all of the time or in your case any of the time.


Niall Warry said...

I think you have your last sentence wrong as Nigel can still fool most of the UKIP supporters left most of the time!!

Mike Bridgeman said...

If the Tory party is more democratic than UKIP then why havn't we had our EU referendum?

Eric Edmond said...

Being more democratic than UKIP is not that difficult. Adolf Hitler would have managed that. Referendum needs a real democrat like Alex Salmond

Niall Warry said...

Now you are just being very silly and very bias in favour of your fellow Scot!!!!

Alex Salmond is just another corrupt politician only interested in what politics can do for him rather than what he can do for his people.

If he and you believe an independent Scotland will deliver the promise land to your oountrymen then you are both very deluded!

Eric Edmond said...

Well at least he got us a referendum something Farage will never achieve