Saturday, 23 November 2013

Attorney General says corruption is rife in the Pakistani community

Dominic Gieve is saying the plain unvarnished truth that has been obvious for many years. It is not just pathogenic disease that immigrants bring to the UK but cultural disease.  Under the great mantra of multi-culturism they think they can bring in and live by the rules of sharia  law and the souk. This is more dangerous than multi drug resistant TB. A country can only live by one law and one moral code.

Gieve is to be applauded for his courage. The BBC have rapidly wheeled out the usual Pakistanis and bleeding hearts to attack Gieve for telling the truth. Their argument is that there is corruption in all areas of British life. This is true but what Gieve said is that it is endemic in Pakistani communities. Corruption has nevre been endemic in other communities or areas of British life.

What worries me is that our electoral system has been corrupted by Labour giving postal votes to anyone who asks for one. This was done to harvest the Muslim votes for Labour. Postal votes can be collected by eads of families who fill them in as they wish. Given Pakistanis live in clear enclaves MPs in thes areas are being elected by the wishes of a hundred or so people not the wishes of thousands of individual voters. The pathetic electoral commisiion is trying to repair the damage but all it has to do is go back to the old system. Scrap postal and proxy votes except for medical reasons and soldiers etc serving abroad.

Churchill said democracy is a man in a polling booth with a pencil and ballot paper. I don't want to see this replaced by mullahs in mosques with sheafs of postal and proxy votes.

This has nothing to do with race. Its a cultural issue.

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