Sunday, 24 November 2013

Farage prepares to sell out UKIP

Read this weekend piece by Ian Dale

Del Young and I have known for the last 4 years this was the way Farage would go eventually. Del with his great political intution recognised it and I with my civil service background I sussed Farage within 5 minutes of meeting him. Other members of the NEC may have seen this but kept stum because they wanted to be on the MEP gravy train and others were just plain gullible. Del and I knew what Farage was and would say so  hence we both had to go. The truth about Farage has now reached even the Tory bloggers who are not known for their political acumen.

As Dale notes Farage will sell out UKIP to the Cameron Tory establishment. The deal will be a personal one with Farage with a Lords seat for Lord Brussels. UKIP will have served its purpose for Farage and will be ditched. This gets Farage out of his no UKIP Con pact condition while Cameron is leader. Do I feel sorry for UKIP rank and file? Well I have spoken out about this as has Del, David Abbott and others. UKIP faithful have been well and truely conned. They shose not to listen to decent honest men. Never give suckers an even break is the dictum.

A few of Nigel's cabal will have generous MEP pensions to look forward too as Nigel will but many won't. All UKIP rank and file will have to show for their faithful support of Farage are blisters on their feet and a black hole in their bank account. As for leaving the EU? The faithful will have to find a new messiah but the result will be the same..  


ALAN WOOD said...

Does a Lord trump a Member of Parliament for Leader of a political party ? Does Farage fear a UKIP candidate winning a seat at Westminster ?
Is being an MEP again no longer necessary when you are tiring visibly and have a back problem ?
Being a Lord with an MEP pension seems a nice place to be, and you can still be involved in politics and Question Time.
Farage has done the right thing for himself in killing off the opposition, like all good rutters ! Was it good for UKIP or the anti-EU movement ?
History will show, starting with the 2014 European elections.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes it does trump being an MP on Farage's standards. Being an MP is hard work and dealing with constituents neither of which Farage will like. Boozing and TV appearances he is good at and likes.

Of course only MPs can get us out of the EU but that is not an NF priority.

Eric Edmond said...

Del points out Farage can be a Lord and a paid MEP but not a paid MP and a paid MEP. Hence Farage craves the red leather.