Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Scottish Independence is a political decision

The muddying of the waters about a political decision by psedudo economic arguments has happened before. In 1972/73 when Common Market entry was portrayed as an economic decision. We all know how that has ended for our country! Confusing political and economic decisions always ends in tears for the populace.

This is exactly what will happen if we ever get to an EU in out referendum. Think on that you unionists! The BBC are currently exclusively promoting the No to leaving the UK campaign. If and when it comes to the EU in/out vote the BBC will be exclusively promoting the 'in' vote. Think on that UKIPers!

Scotland got into this ill starred union following the failure of the Darien scheme in the late 1690s led to the Act of Union being passed in 1707 for economic reasons. Again a poor political decsion made for economic reasons.

The establishment knew in 1971 it could not sell UK Common Market entry politically so it resorted to a fear, uncertainty and doubt economic campaign backed by big business for its sordid profits.

It is the same today plus of course Alastair Darling campaigning for a stay in vote to preserve Labours 50 MPs in Westminster without which there could never be a UK Labour government.

As a Scot its a simple question, who do I want to run Scotland? Politicians born, educated  and living Scotland or the metropolitan  London elite who rarely venture North of Watford. Its a no-brainer.


Alan Wood said...

The "troubles" in Ireland have a long history of the English and Scots invading Ireland. The religious element does not help.
A sensible solution to the "geography" of the UK and Ireland is for a British Isles Government but the combination of Ireland and Northern Ireland makes long-term sense of identity.

I can see the rationale for an "All-Ireland" government, but going in the opposite direction and splitting the north of our Isle (Scotland)from the South (England & Wales) seems odd in view of what is happening in Ireland.

Why not have a Devon and Cornwall nation. Why not a Kent nation or an Eastern Counties nation ?
Scotland is another Region of this land mass we sit in.

I can see the arguments for a secular EU and a Customs union - the other end of the scale with Rule by law not religion. A monolith with laws we have to obey but which we have little control over.

The monolithic wealth of China and the wealth of tiny South Korea suggest that all kinds of government can be made to work, but if you draw boundaries to a way of life you need to create migration control.

Does this mean customs posts on the border of Scotland and England ?

Eric Edmond said...

Lookn at the US/Canada border on the 49th parallel. Open border plus different currencies no problem

ALAN WOOD said...

My brother lives in Toronto. Interesting country. Relies on the USA to spend their money on armaments to protect Canada whilst the Canadians salt theirs away.
Ah, now I understand what Wee Eck is up to !