Friday, 20 December 2013

Molly the dog sniffs a phoney on This Week

You can't fool children and animals. Farage found this out on last night's This Week. Molly, AN's labrador parked herself next to Diane Abbott wisely eschewing the Fuerher's company. She obviously did not like the smell of  Farage's false bonhommie

Abbott and Portillo then started to forensically disect Farage's arguments whereupon  Farage started trying to shout Portillo down. Not a smart move. He used to do it to me on the NEC when the Cabal claimed I was doing the shouting. It was Farage then and now who shouts rational atgument down. I am glad its now in the public domain.

UKIPers can now see it for themselves by clicking:


ALAN WOOD said...

Interesting session on TW. Thanks for the reference.
Like you, I have no love of Farage, but the interesting points to me were the universal acceptance that UKIP will win the 2014 European elections. What a change from that heady day in 1999 when in the South West we gained our first MEP against all predictions.
UKIP is on a roll and it cannot stop while immigration is a problem, and it will be until we leave the EU, AND after we leave the EU.
The Portillo thing was knockabout TV chat with Portillo attempting to disrupt a telling point by Farage. Farage eventually made it. Not pleasant viewing but I made that a points win for Farage.
Portillo is a good barometer of the mood of the Tories and I sensed real concern about their prospects.
Farage appears to understand the points I stressed about the steps in politics. First you win a seat, then you hold the balance of power, then you work to win. I believe that UKIP are on the threshold of getting their first seat.
Diane Abbott is not a fool and also sensed the danger of UKIP.
Not enough voters watch TW, but , enough political nerds do. They will be very concerned about the progress of the anti-EU parties across the EU, especially in UK.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Alan, As an expert on dog/man relations you can comment on my inexpert views. Clearly Diane Abbott likes dogs and Farage does not.

Mike Bridgeman said...

That's where we went wrong in Ukip Alan.
We like dogs!