Saturday, 21 December 2013

Godders agrees with Del & me on Farage - at last!

The Bloom interview with Decca Aikenhead published today in the Guardian confirms what Del and I have been saying about Farage for many years. I quote Godders views on Farage below:

"He's not interested (in policy). He's not interested in the running of the party, or in making policy. He's Ukip's chief salesman, that's what Nigel is."

"Farage, he despairs, can't take criticism, goes to pieces in a crisis, is really a conservative, and doesn't even want to lead the party. "He's not a team player, you see. He didn't play rugger. Plays golf!" Bloom accuses Ukip's leader of pursuing an "Ein F├╝hrer" leadership policy and a "No-policy" policy agenda, and claims Farage has already struck a secret election deal with the Tories in return for a seat in the Lords."

Years ago Del and I sussed this was Farage's real agenda. I wrote it, Del spoke it but few in UKIP believed it some because it suited them financially but most because they believed Farage would lead them out of the EU. They have in Del's words been fooled, used and abused. I hope they will believe us now!

"Relations (between Bloom and Farage) had been breaking down since the spring, when Farage appeared to change his mind about flat tax in the middle of Question Time. Bloom asked what was going on, and "I got a quite hysterical text back: 'Your job is to get out there delivering leaflets instead of asking me about policy!'  

Most telling is this part

Farage complained to him: "Whenever I'm interviewed now, people want to talk about you." Bloom thinks his friend became threatened by his media profile  and public popularity, and that Crickgate had a lot to do with jealousy. "I'd taken the spotlight off his speech, that's what it was all about! It was toys out of the pram. Let's be brutally honest. He panicked."

If you upstage Farage in any way you are viciously attacked by the UKIP's mercenary ruling cabal. They know if Farage is ousted their meal ticket goes with him.

"He parodies the speech Farage did actually make, putting on a petulant, high-pitched wail and flapping his arms over his shoulders. "That's it! Conference is ruined! "

Farage phoned him up, Godders comments "He'd lost it badly. Oh, he was really in pieces. It was: 'Conference is over! No one's going to look at my speech now!'" But later that day the party secretary told Bloom not to worry, assuring him, "We'll smooth it all over. We can't afford to lose you, you're too popular." Bloom woke up the next day, "and there was Nigel Farage on the television, sacking me. I turn on and I'm being sacked on the telly! 

That is the Farage way as I have often pointed out.

Bloom rightly says, Ukip is in the grip of an internal battle for its future. At HQ "they are all stabbing each other in the back", and the grassroots are being deliberately squeezed out. "They have been purged. This is 1933 Germany, night of the long knives. I'm waiting to be dragged out of the pub and butchered. This is New Ukip now. And they are looking for a deal with the Tories."

This blog has pointed this out for the last 4 years. Look at how many ex Tories are now running UKIP and on MEP slates. Moles may be a better description of these people.

"UKIP's radical libertarian ideas frighten Farage. More importantly, they would make an electoral pact with the Tories in 2015 much trickier. And so, says Bloom, he has been marginalising grassroots members, sacking troublesome rivals, and turning himself into "a professional politician, with a professional party, so he can be within some alliance with the Conservative party". Bloom had to be elbowed out before a pact could be agreed. "And," he says with confidence, "the deal has already now been done."

He's unclear on its precise details, but certain that Farage's reward for standing down Ukip candidates in key seats is a title and a seat in the House of Lords. Would he want that? Bloom chuckles knowingly – "Not for him, of course!" – and adopts a weaselly, ever-so-'umble voice. "'But should one be forced upon me, then for the good of the party, and if people felt I could better serve there, well then … ' Of course he would!"
Its a well written devastating critique of the effect of years of Farage rule of UKIP. I bought the Guardian just to read it. Click on this link to read it:
If after reading this piece  you still think UKIP has a future under Lord Farage of Brussels then you need help.


ALAN WOOD said...

Dynasties, Politics and Elections are like sine waves and saw-tooth waves. They follow a predictable pattern of rise and fall.
The British Empire dynasty is on its last legs, the EU dynasty is still rising and the Farage dynasty has a little further to rise. The end of dynasties can be sudden and unpredictable turning a nice sine wave into a saw-tooth.
Will it be the EU or Farage who runs out of energy first ?
The book "Hard Pounding" by Dr. Peter Gardner is a wonderful account of the first few years of UKIP. Dr.Sked mused that "The press will want to know whether we are up to the task of setting the agenda for an independent Britain".(p39).
Here we are 20 years later with no answer to that question because Farage is intellectually incapable of dealing with it.
Unless he, or his successor, can move on from negative issues like IMMIGRATION to positive issues like THE ECONOMY UKIP's future will cease after 2015.
Sine wave to saw-tooth in one year !

Mike Bridgeman said...

The deal in preferring Tory candidates to Ukip candidates is exactly why I resigned after the last election. Ukip lost a branch chairman and a seat on the SWCC.
How is the branch doing now?
Ukip have great members but no leadership to create a real political force.

Anonymous said...

Bloom mis-claimed that his father was a squadron leader flying Spitfires in WW2...

Eric Edmond said...

A case of Farage bandits at 12 o'clock.

ALAN WOOD said...

Bloom is another of the Farage claque.
In my whole time with UKIP from i996 until 2009 I never saw anything of merit from this clown.
He avoided putting in the hard yards and was content to take the money.
Nelson Mandela was prepared to die for his cause. Graham Booth did. John Bufton nearly did. Trevor Colman worked tirelessly. The rest - not up for the crusade.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Alan. They all support the great Fuerher until the day he decides they are no longer useful or more often highly emabarrassing.

When the great man starts pissing on them instead of us then their tune changes.