Saturday, 28 December 2013

Londonistan will soon be the capital of the UK

Londonistan as Andrew Neil calls it is not the capital of my country. It will however soon be the capital of UKIP's England. Already 55% of births in London are to foreign born mothers many of whom will be Islamic. UKIPers are literally dying out! In 20 years London will be a Muslim city as the Islamics outbreed the diminishing residual indigenous population. Cynical? No that was the description of HMG's Northern Ireland policy of the UK government I heard from a very senior civil servant in 1972. Keep the lid on things and wait until the Catholic population outnumbered the Protestant and hey presto problem solved.

In London however the increase in the Islamic population will be a growing problem. The British parliamentary electoral system rewards geographic concentration of votes. Hence UKIP with roughly 5% of the popular vote has and will get no MPs in 2015 and with roughly the same vote share there are currently 20 or so Islamic MPs and that number will increase post 2015. Most are Labour MPs in safe seats but it will be impossible for a non-Muslim to be selected as Labour candidate in these seats in future elections. (I will be interested to see if J Straw's son gets selected in Blackburn.)  Thirty or so Muslim MPs will be quite enough to hold any UK government that does not have an overall majority to ransom in the way that Clegg's Lib Dems have done to the Tories.

Muslims do not integrate. They cluster in Muslim areas and wiil increase their dominance of these areas year after year. This will lead to the UK becoming divided along religous groupings. It will be Northern Ireland on the UK mainland but on a much bigger scale and if unchecked will eventually return us to the Dark Ages. The French have a strong secular  tradition keeping religion out of government, schools etc which we do not have. That is why the French have passed laws banning veils etc in schools and public places. They are aware the dangers to social cohesion these items cause. Not only are we unaware but the political elite actively promote these items under the banner of diversity!

The problems M&S is now experiencing with Muslim staff refusing to sell pork or alcohol items is only the start. M&S have created their own problems in this respect by having given Jewish staff similar 'rights' many years ago. UK courts have recognised Beth Din judgements on divorce and civil disputes. The Muslims are only asking for similar status for their Sharia courts. There are stong similarities between Sharia law and Halaka Jewish law as there is in food laws, burial customs etc. The Muslims are only asking for what has been given to Jews in the UK as the former Archishop Williams pointed out.

This is dangerous stuff. I remember when Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe he did not have to pass any repressive legislation. Smith had already put that in the statute  book. All Mugabe had to do was apply it to the Whites! Thus it will be when we have an Islamic government and laws designed to be applied to Muslim 'terrorists' will be applied to the C of E, High Tories and golf clubs!

That, best beloved is why I will be voting SNP in 1314. I would rather be ruled by Edinburgh than the coming Islamic Caliphate of Londonistan.


ALAN WOOD said...

I have had good friendships with overseas-born people from Sri Lanka, Sarajevo, India and Barbados. The common link was that they were all excellent speakers of English, well-adapted to the British Middle class way of life and did not carry any religious baggage.

I joke that it took me 10 years to be accepted in my village because I was an "outsider".
By involving myself in activities that benefited the village and its people I was accepted and became its District Councillor and Parish Councillor. I only attend its church for weddings and funerals, being a "heathen", or the modern word "secular".

Migration can be a useful tool; it spreads the gene pool. I think the English have even benefited from Scottish blood and a smattering of European blood.

Our greatest achievement was tearing ourselves away from the overbearing clutches of Papacy.

Sadly I think the world is being strangled by the rising tide of overbearing Islamism in its most overbearing form - the terrorist crust of this religion.

You are so right Eric that our immigration policy has been a disaster by allowing a flood of immigrants. The portents are not good.

If you were a conspiracy theorist you may say that certain people in the political, banking and corporate world may be glad to see Globalisation of commence and people. It gives them access to more customers and builds their financial and global political empire.

Unfortunately it also brings conflicts of interest and of religions in the world.

More excuse to wage war and supply both sides with arms.

Mike Bridgeman said...

I can tell you what will happen:
On 24th June Robert the Bruce will defeat the forces of Edward II of England at Bannockburn and Scotland will regain its independence.
No need for a vote then.