Monday, 30 December 2013

Farage does UKIP good on Syrian refugees

Nigel Farage is an excellent political opportunist. His widely reported views that we should admit a small number of Syrian refugees got a huge amount of publicity for UKIP and cost UKIP nothing politically. After all Farage is never going to be in a government position where he will be called to honour his commitment. Power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages as Baldwin put it although the phrase was coined by his cousin Rudyard Kipling.

This ticks a number of boxes for Farage. He is a devotee of tokenism and to that end has been careful to get on board token black people, homosexuals etc. but only for decoration. If they show signs of being good like Del they are quickly marginalised and ousted by the all white, heterosexual cabal. It does however give Farage cover from the racist attack by the media. He loves to point out to the media UKIP has black/homosexual etc candidates.

Secondly as David Davies points out, "Its about Mr Farage trying to reposition his party so that the anti-immigration argument which is so important to them (UKIP), is not seen as a barbaric argument". That's politics Mr Davies!

The Telegraph leader puts it rather better, "Yet again Nigel Farage has wrong footed the Prime Minister". Again that's very good politics.

Its a pity Farage bears grudges against any who disagree with him on non-policy issues. That limits him and UKIP as a political force. You need as big an army as possible to win.

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ALAN WOOD said...

Farage may think he has been clever; in fact his logic is at
fault yet again.

We have signed up to the Convention on refugees, but we have also signed up to the contract on membership of the EU and its treaties.

Where is the difference ?

What damage has he done to the membership base by supporting the cause of Syrian refugees but not the legitimate emigrants from Bulgaria who have more right to come here than the Syrians ?

If Scotland wins its referendum on Independence and has to leave the EU will he be inviting all the Scots to come to Londonistan as refugees ? Or will those canny Scots hang on to their UK passports ?