Sunday, 5 January 2014

Farage shifts position on EU exit on Sky’s Murnaghan show, 5th Jan 2014

Most of the interest focussed on when the Ukip leader was read excerpts from the Powell 1968 rivers of blood speech without being told the origin of the comments and nodded along. He then had to state he agreed with the underlying premise of the speech. Nothing new there!

What was new was Farage stating that a country could not control immigration as a full member of the EU.  Clearly Farage is preparing to retreat from UKIP's unconditional full withdrawal from the EU core policy to some unspecified associate status a bit like the devo lite proposal for Scottish Independence which Cameron could not countenance. Barosso will do likewise to Farage's on the hoof proposal. 

Another example of Farage trying to make up policy for a cheap short term sound bite. The only thing bitten will be Farage's delicate parts.


Sue said...

I think you're mistaken. He was justifying our exit from the EU, saying its the ONLY way we would regain control of our borders.

ALAN WOOD said...

It is always worth bearing in mind that Farage is a Tory through and through. It was always his stated aim to change the Conservative Party into a party that is out of the EU and return UK to the position on 31 December 1972.
Like Cameron he appears to be offering something that appeals to the UK electorate for the purpose of gaining their vote.
That it is undeliverable is irrelevant. The Tories have played this game continually but Labour is not excused: Wilson did it I reverse over the 1975 Referendum by promoting a YES vote that seemed undeliverable.

If FARAGE is playing them at their own game it may be that he will achieve his objective by first breaking the Conservative Party.

His ultimate goal may be as Leader of the Conservative Party, leading them out of the EU. Who knows. He is a survivor of countless coups and hordes of people who have tried to undermine him, both inside and outside the party.

His appearance on ITV this morning on the subject of Romanian migration was on the mark. He cannot possibly fail to do well at the European elections because his selling position is plausible whereas Cameron's is perceived as a lie.

Farage will only have one target in mind - winning the European Elections. I think he'll do it.

Eric Edmond said...

You Tube link to part of interview dealing with Enoch but not his precise words on full membership of the EU re immigration control

Eric Edmond said...