Thursday, 30 January 2014

Carney is now Osborne's creature

My old boss, Paul Tucker, did not get the BoE Governor's job instead it went to a Canuck Carney whom Osborne wanted and was given an inside track into Threadneedle Street. Carney was up in my home city Edinburgh yesterday where he gave an avowedly apolitical speech on the financial effects of a Scottish vote for independence this September. It was in fact a highly political speech shrouded in econ-speak rattling the spectre of Scotland turning into another Greece in a sterling currency union. Mentioning the Euro so frequently is a blatant scare tactic of which his master Osborne would be proud.

Why should Carney a very good economist give such a nakedly partisan speech cloaked in the guise of economics? It is a tactic we will see again if we every get a vote on leaving the EU and it was the tactic used by the EU philes in Wislon's 1975 fake referendum. Carney is a very ambititious man and like all such men has his eye on his next job. Once one has been governor of the BoE what else is there? Two jobs spring to mind, head of the IMF and head of the World Bank. The former is traditionally a Europe appointment and the latter a US appointment since its inception in 1944. If Carney gets PM Osborne's blessing he would be a shoo in when Madame Lagarde or her sucessor moves on. There has never been a British head of the IMF.

It is my old boss in HMG used to say, give  me an ambititious man who wants what is in my gift. They are so easy to control like Farage and his desire to feel red leather on his buttocks.

In truth the Scottish and EU vote has little to do with economics. It is about which group rules. In Scotland it is a choice between native Scots, born, bred , state educated, living and working in Scotland or the Southern English public school/Haverstock comp Oxford PPE educated ruling class living in the best parts of central London, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Islington, Notting Hill, Holland Park etc. No contest for any sane person.

It will be the same in the EU vote, a grande ecole elite living in Brussels and controlling the BBC or the natives with the Daily Express & Daily Mail. The economics particularly the loss of n million jobs will be wheeled out to confuse the issue just like MacMillan's Tories used to wheel out a machine called the Manningham Buller when waters needed to be muddied. It is a debate about who runs our country, us or the milatiristic Franco Prussians who have a history of wars every 50 years for the last 350 years. The choice is so obvious that no vote will be needed so you won't be given one. Vive l'Empire! Elites start wars to slaughter the plebs from time to time and hence keep them under control.

Niall Ferguson wrote an excellent piece pointing out how disastrously bad our decision to go to war in a state of unpreparednees was in 1914 and broke this country for ever. Who are making these decisions today in the UK? Why the same born to rule people of the political diplomatic elite now in their 4th or 5th generation. None more so than professional leftist politicians like Vera Brittan's daughter Shirley.

Read Kipling's poem Tommy Atkins, nothing has changed.


Mike Bridgeman said...

I listened to Carney's speech and the question and answer session which followed.
I thought he was measured and careful to distinguish between the role of the Bank of England which was to interpret the political wishes of others when such political decisions were made.
Remember Mr. Salmond had assumed from day 1 that Scotland would join the EU on Independence and use the £ sterling.
Carney would have failed had he not highlighted the risks and benefits of a joint currency. He explained that there was a moral hazard in this approach whereby countries in a monetary union could spend without regard of the conscequents if it thought someone else would bail it out. He also explained that if Scotland was to use the £ then there would need tight regulation in tax and spend policies of Scotland and this would result in some loss of sovereign control.
Up til now Mr. Salmond had tried to bludgeon his ideas onto others without, in my opinion, very little understanding of what that would entail to Scotland, the remaining parts of the UK and the EU.
I was very impressed with Mr. Carney and I can't think of a better brain to be serving at the Bank looking after all our interests. He was a breath of fresh air and brought clarity to the precess.

ALAN WOOD said...

Another far-sighted piece.
When I was a senior civil servant (the youngest of my grade in that department) my boss was a freemason, his boss was a freemason and many others in Head Office were too. I declined to be a tied man like these so-called "freemen" of the world.
I never had another promotion in 15 years !

When I was courting my wife, her father - a freemason - lived off the contracts from his Local Authority freemason "friend".

When I was a District Councillor I witnessed in sub-committee of which I was a minority member the freemasons of the ruling Conservative Party give a 15% pay increase to their freemason Chief Executive at a time of severe austerity.

Let's get it out in the open - the "elite" are very much comprised of freemasons who are in control of the finances of the western world and choose to support certain politicians who will do their bidding.

They are protected by "Whistleblower" clauses forced on the members of Councils, Armed Forces, Civil Service, NHS etc.

The Bilderburg meetings are arranged so that the real "elite" get to meet and influence attendees like George Osborne.

You do an excellent job Eric in bringing people's gaze to bear on the world you know.

Question Time last night with Ken Clarke made me sick to watch this crafty slimebag defending the elites in grossly overpaid jobs, including the tobacco industry he helped to run.

How one defeats this corrupt group who start wars (George Bush & Tony Blair) plus Bilderburg organiser and pro-EU toads like Ken Clarke and his Labour counterparty, is the question.

Mike Bridgeman said...

I can't put it any better than this