Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Now Farage slags off hard working UKIP members

The headline in today's Times, "Farge, we have the wrong sort of people in UKIP". Farage should no he put many of these fantasists into key partyy positions. I was shocked. As the Times is not online I link to the Independent.below.


Farge says there are too many Walter Mitty fantasists in UKIP. What is the difference between a Walter Mitty fantasist and a fruitcake loony? Answer there is no difference. Farage uses one and Cameron the other. They are both saying the same thing. Farage agrees with Cameron to get his bum on the red leather.

Poor old UKIP members. They have been fooled and used by Farage who will ditch them when Cameron says jump. I don't now expect Farage to lead UKIP in the 2015 General Election. He will stand down at the last minute pleading his heavy workload in Brussels. He will leave a poisoned challice for his successor just like lasr time, Let us hope the new leader reads the manifesto unlike Pearson last time. I look forward to seeing the leadership contenders.

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ALAN WOOD said...

How many Labour voters read the Times and the Independent ? I would suggest that it is about 7 on a good day. These headlines do not matter. The British hate to see the little man picked on. It's brilliant publicity.

My postbag today had the usual crop of funny jokes, all non-PC from lady and gentlemen friends.
The surprise is the number of emails supporting UKIP.

From the days when the BBC & ITV dare not say the name of the party, and the Telegraph only called UKIP the politically incorrect Ukip (sic) the party is mentioned every day.

It would be interesting to know whether voter support is predominantly anti-Muslim, anti-Immigrant or anti-EU.

My bet is that UKIP will continue to bang the drum on Immigration at the General Election following a successful European Election.

You can bet that all the pro-EU parties including SNP and Plaid Cymru will pledge an EU Referendum to prevent UKIP winning seats at the General Election.

Just one UKIP MP seat will demote Farage. Only if the successful party is the Tories will his reward be a seat in the Lords.

Will he do a deal with the Tories at the General Election to pull out UKIP candidates where the Tories need to win a marginal ?
He will have pressure put on him by the donors !