Monday, 27 January 2014

Farage is imploding

Farage's statements & actions are becoming increasingly bizarre. He is behaving more and more like a celeb out for a quick laugh than a leader of a political. But then UKIP is not a political party its a Farage cult and fan club so political party norms do not apply or so he thinks.  Sorry Farage you have to make up your mind, full time celeb or serious politician.

His comments on the last UKIP maifesto having been written by an idiot could be true. This would make UKIP a political laughing stock in normal times. But we live in strange times where all three main parties are led by a self perpetuating juvenile political elite who largely went to the same two universities and many of whomm did the same course, PPE at Oxford. They are on that count out of touch with 99.9% of the British electorate as they are with their Europhile views. The EU is a political wonderland invented by professional politicians, for professional politicians to dream their dreams and be hugely well paid and feted. Best of all like heaven there is a gatekeeper, the hydra political establishment to keep ordinary mortals out so these gods of the EU can dream their Olympian dreams but like Zeus descend to Earth  to fertilise a few very attractive earthbound women when the urge takes them.

The person who wrote the last UKIP manifesto was Bannerman. On my first attendance at UKIP's NEC he made me privy to some of his great ideas. He was most upset when I pointed out these 'ideas' were simply a rehash of very failed party manifesto over the last 20 years. Bannerman did have his uses for Farage, a true Lenin style uesful idiot. He it was who formulated the charges against me so Farage and Nuttall led sycophants could kick me off the NEC to which I had recently been democratically elected. Nigel, as was pointed out on a recent A Neil politics show does not have a dictionary that includes the word democracy.

Farage does a good stand up comedy act click below for his latest effort on weather forecasting.

This ranks alongside his bank clerk sketch in Brussels with Rumpy.The last politician to get involved with weather forecasting was Lembit Opik, a LibDem embarassment until Huhne, Rennard and Hancock came along.

It is clear however that the media are slowly cottoning on to Farage's make it up as I go along and deny everything embarassing like the UKIP web site tactics. He clearly has not learned that web siteis were how Obama got elected but then Nigel has never been elected in his own name for anything in a public vote. I discount the EUKIP cult vote.

How many people want hand guns legalised in this country Nigel? How many don't? How many people want Grammar schools back? How many don't?

Look at what Andrew Neil did to him last Thursday

Then look at what Louise Cooper did to him on the same show

Louise Cooper is well known in the City. I never met anyone who knew NIgel Farage.

There's more than one idiot in UKIP it seems Mr Farage. The sooner UKIP gets O'Flynn in as leader the better.

Farage wants to go to the Lords. That is the unelected, EU loving establishment that have just blocked the private members EU referendum bill. Its the unelected bit that appeals to Farage and the prospect of joining the establishment is what he has coveted these last 20 years.


Mike Bridgeman said...

As someone who spends a lot of time in America and has seen the reduction in crime in some areas as a result of Obama's attempt to restrict firearms and the resultant surge in gun ownership for protection of one's family and property, and that no one is likely to invade America where the majority are armed (unlike GB where a boat load of insurgents could create mayhem), I am in favour of licensing hand guns.
I also would like to see the return of grammar schools. When 50% of school leavers go to "university" a degree is hardly worth an A'level when you and I went to school Eric.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree with you points but they would be an electoral disaster

ALAN WOOD said...

Power to your elbow to dislodge Farage and his cronies and let a better anti-EU party have access to the oxygen of publicity.

When Campbell-Bannerman was "chosen" by Farage to produce a manifesto for the 2010 General Election I hastily declined his invitation to assist him. Even then I realised that he was an incompetent. He finally produced his document only a few weeks before the election with no opportunity to examine it and put it through the mincer of consideration. It had to be dumped !

This is what I wrote to Stuart Wheeler on 25 May 2011 after Campbell-Bannerman jumped ship :-

"Dear Mr.Wheeler,

I resigned from UKIP the moment that Lord Pearson was elected. It was clear that he would fail as a Party Leader, despite the support of Nigel Farage.

The party I spent 13 years working for, and not a small amount of my wealth supporting, cannot achieve its aims with its current leader & some of the parasites who have latched on to the gravy train. Like David Campbell-Bannerman they are useless to the cause of leaving the EU.

The Conservative Party are now wedded to the EU as much if not more so than in the era of Heath, Major & Co. They are welcome to Bannerman. They are the problem, not the solution (any more than the Labour Party, Liberal-Democrat Party, SNP & Plaid Cymru are the answer to our prayers).

The only way in which Britain can escape the clutches of the EU is through a national alliance of anti-EU parties in order to grow from the grass roots where the public are totally disenchanted with the political elite of all parties.

The public disquiet in Greece, Portugal, Spain and to a lesser extent Italy, Ireland, France, and Belgium are a sign of what is to come in Britain."

Nothing has changed.

We shall soon see if the mood of the public has hardened to the benefit of UKIP at the coming eletions.

The UKIP core raison d'etre is in danger of moving from EU to immigration, helped by the media presenting UKIP as the anti-immigration party; more BNP than UKIP.

For the European elections that may play fairly well, but the General Election will be fought on Financial Competence, Jobs and the usual public services drivel.
Farage will be outflanked there with nothing serious to offer.

Handguns and Grammar Schools won't cut the mustard as they are subjects which are unlikely to win over the Labour voters. These appeal to Conservative voters and there are not enough of them to make a difference.

Farage's mindset is, was, and always will be as a hard-right Conservative. He cannot win a General Election from there

Jabba the Cat said...

Even more amusing is the proposed alliance between Niggle Farridge and Beppe Grillo the communist Italian idiot...