Friday, 10 January 2014

UKIP is not the only anti EU vehicle

I want to see the UK leave the EU asap. I do not care how this happens. In particular I do not care which political party or politician brings it about. Anyone who wants us to leave the EU is my ally. Last night I Katie Hopkins, a Nikki Sinclaire associate,  on the Andrew Neil show dismantling labour MP and EU supporter Diane Abbott. I dont like Ms Hopkins but it was an impressive performance.

I recently watched Mr Farage on the pathetic much hyped Nick Robinson programme on immigration emphasing the importance of social cohesion over simplistic economic statistics. That needed saying and I applaud Farage for saying it.

Alan Sked is I gather setting up a centre left leave the EU party which I also applaud.

Obviously it would be better if all could live in one anti-EU party but Mr Farage's divisive personality makes this difficult. The sort of people Farage has put into important party positions and high MEP slots compounds this. I thought Nuttall's performance on last night's QT was pathetic. It was left to Nadine Dorries, a Tory MP, to put the anti-EU case!

As I write I am listening to Mr O'Flynn UKIP's new comms director on Any Questions. He seems to be competent and able but what about Jill Seymour, Stuart Agnew etc? Farage will be doing a lot of fire fighting methinks.

This is a tragedy for all of us who want our country back for our children.

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