Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pinochio Clegg gets a 20 minute party political from Marr

Marr typifies the smug conceit of the self satisfied, left wing BBC liberal elite. Today he gave Clegg 20 minutes to rabbit on unchallenged to justify any of his so called facts which are simply scaremongering fictions designed to panic the electorate about the dangers iof leaving the EU. This has been the LibDem tactics ever since Wislon's non-referendum in 1975 when Shirley Williams darling of the left frm the most priveleged back ground peddled the same lies to great effect.

The hoary old chesnut that 3 milllion UK jobs will be lost if we leave the EU. Complete tripe! I have never seen any rational argument to substantiate that figure. As always it is produced as a self evident 'truth' but it is of course a propaganda lie. I remember request after request being made to the government in the period 1971 to 75 for a proper cost benefit analysis to be made of our  Common Market entry. That was batted away with the bland assertion that such a study was unecessary as the benefits of Common Market were self evident. Not so. The benefits were negative then and are more negative today. The LibDems are big on assetion but very short on fact.

Listen to his garbage for yourself

It starts about 40 mins into the prgrammme.

Marr never asked Clegg to support a single one of his assetions with fact. Instead he allowed Clegg was allowed to depict UKIP as inward facing idiots when the exact opposite is the truth. UKIP stands for widening UK trade links outside the EU. 

We traded with Europe long before the EU was ever invented. The only time we did not was when the precursor of the EU, Napoleon's Continental system tried to shut us out of European trade. That failed doing more damage to France and continental Europe than to the UK and after Waterloo it was back to business as usual. Thank God trade depends on economic facts not politicians or self seeking businessmen who speak for no one but themselves.

He used the emotive lie pull up the drawbridge but could not name a single business that has said it would shut down its plant in the UK if we left the EU.

Its these lies we have to combat from a man who signed a pledge that he would have no part in increasing student fees and as soon as he got into power did just that!

Farage has to win this argument but to do so he needs a party of all the talents not what he currently has a party of self seeking. venal, sycophants.

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