Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What lessons can Farage learn from Hollande?

Wear a crash helmet if visiting a lady who is not your wife.

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Picture thanks to Guido

Its a jolly good disguise but also protects one from the domestic rolling pin attack that this type of behaviour can attract.

Matt in the DT is way ahead of the game
Matt cartoon January 14
I also seem to recollect alleged tales of Mrs Farage some years ago at a UKIP event on HMS Belfast searching the WWII cruiser from stem to stern. Who or what was she looking for?

Click below for how its playing in the Far East



Jabba the Cat said...

Does this preclude a fuller public picture?

York Kipper said...

Quality bit of Oriental Video.

Sadly no mention of the Mafia apartment connection, or the First 'Partners' spat with the mother of his two kids (that's the previous, previous one.
He must be some bloke, one in medicare and another kiddicare.

Then again, conspiracy theorists might be tempted to ask "Why now and by whom for what reason?" :-)