Thursday, 16 January 2014

What UKIP can learn from the LibDems

I have no doubt Clegg wants Chris Rennard to disapear from the LibDem universe. Cartoons like the one below in Guido do the LibDem's image great  harm.

particularly when juxtaposed with the Clegg 2012 quotes on sexual impropriety  Guido used :

On ITV’s The Agenda:
“Serious questions need to be asked and if after we find out what’s happened, it’s clear that people have turned a blind eye or, worse still, connived with it, then of course they’re going to have to be held to account and – if that turns out to be the case – heads will need to roll of course.”
Here is is that same month, asking all the right questions on 5Live:
“I have been thinking about this a lot, because I cannot understand how this could have remained hidden for so long. There just must have been so many people who knew what was going on …and I just keep asking myself why, why did this remain buried for so long?” 

Now of course this was Clegg commenting on sex allegations against Jimmy Savile, rather than the entirely unconnected matter of Lord Rennard that blew up three months later. 

Today Clegg was on LBC's Call  Clegg Nick had a torrid time. Click on link below to listen to his words'

I dislike Clegg but UKIP should note his emphsis on the burden of proof, the need for independent inquiry, sticking to due process  and that he as leader cannot simply kick someone out and must avoid  kangaroo courts. UKIP have no idea of due process and use kangaroo courts at the drop of a hat. They should learn from the LibDems. Proper political parties stick to their rules, due process and the rules of natural justice. What UKIP has done on in Lincolnshire to Chris Pain and others is an afront to our British sense of justice and playing by the rules. It will come back to haunt the Caball

UKIP better learn to play by the rules if they want to be taken seriously and not as a bunch of carpetbaggers.

I cannot resist linking to the Telegraph's five to tips for UKIP.

Pearson's classic is still unbelievable.

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Alan Wood said...

Ho Ho Ho - what fun watching the boyos picking apart these miserable little "politicians".

My email inbox is constantly assaulted by white, male and female, heterosexual (as far as I know), nationalists.

There are millions out there for whom Farage's UKIP represents their only chance of recording a vote against the people they abhor and deplore in the Lib-Dems and their precious EU. Not forgetting the Asian and West Indians against the Eastern European influx.

They usually vote Labour or Conservative so UKIP will benefit from these voters who can register their real feelings without "letting-in" their opposition party. It's all about Europe.

I am taking the pragmatic view that a win for UKIP in the European elections will help to destroy the Lib-Dems, cause the LABS & CONS to feel the need to panic about the general election, and move the anti-EU movement one step further.