Sunday, 19 January 2014

Farage orders another UKIP purge!

I have lost count of the number of fruit cake and loony UKIP expulsion purges Farage has ordered. All I know is that none have worked and that  I, a staunch supporter in public and private of UKIP policy and  was purged and the fruitcakes and loonies  kept. Del and David suffered the same fate. Our crime was to stand up to Farage on issues of party governance.

Farage welcomes with open arms Tory party misfits  like Mr Silvester, after all Farage is one himself. I have repeatedly urged him to be cautitious of these people, Bannerman and now Silvester and Andreasen who has now gone back to the Tories.

Faage rivals Joe Stalin in the number of his purges! The people who should be purged are the Cabal.

More worrying is the shenanigans on the selection of a candidate to fight the forthcoming Wythenshawe and Sale by-election reported by Mandrake in Friday's Telegraph. The local party chairman has been bannned by UKIP from organising a candidate selection meeting  Comrade Nuttall is rumoured to be putting his own name forward or his close friend Louise Bours. There are several branch resignations as a result of this national takeover. Nuttall was of course not the first choice of UKIP NW on the MEP slate. THe first choice candidate, Beaman stood down in after being selected as number one. Jigggery pokery with UKIP candidates is no new thing.

Comrade Nuttall is what is known in Manc as a scouse scally. The don't like Scousers in Manc and the UK public are not generally appreciative of a Scouse accent. They identify it with hard left activists like Degsy Hatton. Comrade Nuttall should perhaps take a few elocution lessons and try to sound like Nadine Dorries MP who also comes from Liverpool. Its unpleasant but that is how politics works. Even the divine Margaret needed a few elocution less to succeed. If  Henry Higgins is reading this will he please contact N Farage asap.

The are lots more Mr Silvesters standing as UKIP candidates and I look forward to reading their utterances in the national press. I hear that TV are commissioning investigations into UKIP's lack of governance. Lord Rennard and the Lib Dems have given them the smell of blood.


ALAN WOOD said...

By-elections are unique events and afford an opportunity to see how the public feel about their government. The big parties get out all their supporters and the other candidates have little chance unless a "man in a white suit" is a candidate.

I cut my teeth in politics on the 1996 Staffordshire SE by-election. It was an interesting but chastening experience and taught me a lot about elections.

UKIP and Screamng Lord Sutch were involved.

The result was a 22% swing to Labour and was a prelude to the Tory General Election disaster soon after.

It will be important for UKIP to field their best candidate as the public will judge the strength of UKIP at this election, and it will affect the vote at the European Election.

Farage should have met the committee of the local branch and explained that a by-election is a special event needing the best candidate, as with the Eastleigh by-election. The job of the local branch is to do the leg work under the direction of the election agent.

I would judge that the seat needs a well-known local person capable of appealing to the Labour and Tory voters in the constituency and able to hold their own in the media. The nearest to that ideal may be Nuttall or his lady friend but it would have been wise to involve the local branch in any choice. Unfortunately some branches do not have suitable candidates and it soon shows up at interview.

For a smaller party like UKIP the final choice of candidate should lie with the Party Leader at this important election, but it is how you handle the choice that matters.

Mike Bridgeman said...

I understand that Farage et al must be careful and try and rid themselves of unsuitable members, but at the same time should they not be doing that with the candidate selection process and maintain an overview?
I recall when I was a branch chairman I had to get agreement from above for PPCs and it seems the same selection method is in place.
Perhaps it's not such a bad thing.