Monday, 20 January 2014

Who are Farage's 5 Barmy MEPs?


Is this one of them? Are they not still in Oz with the barmy army?

I am proud of the LibDems in their pursuit of democracy. Menzies Campbell was very good today taking the piss out of leading Faragista Reeve, aka Mr Duffy. As Menzies said democracy is not a word that occurs in Fagage's dictionary. Reeve peddled the tired worn Farage line about UKIP being the most democratc UK party but dear old Ming just gave a knowing grin. Farage & Reeve are not fooling anybody serious.

I suspect the 5 on the hit list are those we already know are not standing again for UKIP Tory candidates Bannerman & Andreasen, Bloom who may have seen the light not shining from Nigel's rear quarters recently, Colman, Bufton and Clarke on grounds of ill health/ age, and Sinclaire and  Natrass on grounds of total incompatibility with NF. Not many left and  I suspect of these NF would like to ditch Legge, Agnew and Batten leaving only himself and comrade Nuttall and PN has been a bit off message recently.

You can't trust anyone can you Nige.

Macmillan's night of the long knives has nothing on Nigel but for sure you cannot run a serious political party with this scale of losses amongst your officer corps.


ALAN WOOD said...

Does the electorate at Wythenshawe & Sale know the extent of UKIP's trials and tribulations to make a difference at the by- election on February 13 ?

This was the result last time :-
Table of detailed results :-

Goggins P. Labour Party 17,987 44.1
Clowes J.C. Conservative Party 10,412 25.6
Eakins M. Liberal Democrat 9,107 22.3
Todd B. British National Party 1,572 3.9
Cassidy C. United Kingdom Independence Party 1,405 3.4
Worthington L. Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 268 0.7

If I were Nigel Farage I would be looking at my party bank account and thinking that spending £50,000 or more on a hopeless cause just before a European election is not sense.

Labour must win, by a large margin, to show that they are coming back into the game. And they will.

Will Tory voters use the opportunity to show that they support the UKIP line on Immigration and the EU ? Will the BNP votes and some Labour votes boost UKIP.

Will Lib-Dems support Labour ?

I predict Labour 50%
Conservative 20%
Liberal Democrat 15%
UKIP 14%
Others 1%
Turnout 35%

Eric Edmond said...

See Mandrake in Friday's DT 17th Jan. Nuttall or his close friend actress Louise Boors want to stand. Watch out Mr Moneybags Wheeler!

L fairfax said...

If he gets rid of Batten then he destroys the London party

Eric Edmond said...

He has already destroyed East & West Midlands

ALAN WOOD said...

Batten would be no loss.
in the 2009 leadership contest I said to the other contestants and the audience that if the 13 MEP's (as it was then) each took out £50,000 loans repayable out of their future guaranteed salary 0f £60-£70,000 the party would have a £650,000 war chest for the forthcoming General Election.

Batten's reply - I gave up a good job to be an MEP. You won't get money from me.

After the London hustings a chap ran after me in the street to tell me that Batten had destroyed the London Region. He was determined no one would get in a position to challenge his chance of being the No 1 MEP candidate.

And that's the problem with UKIP MEP's - they seem to think that being an MEP is their "JOB", not their CAUSE. Whilst I would not ask them to be the opposition in Syria and lay down their lives, I do expect them to suffer a little.

Eric Edmond said...

Absolutely agree. Batten is an invertebrate. He always wanted support but never gave it in case it predjudiced his MEP slot