Friday, 7 February 2014

Cameron is running scared

As in today's Scotsman cartoon:

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Or in the Scottish vernacular beloved of Andrew Neil he is feart of Alex Salmond. He gives speeches on Scotland from East London and then scuttles off to Somerset to take easy questions on dredging Somerset rivers. Dead easy because every body now knows the idiot quango Smith should never have stopped the dredging.

Smith is a great example of why ex, clapped out politicians should not be appointed to run quangos they know nothing about. Appoint from within and get somebody who knows something about the job and worry less about media handling. Its like the the new blonde bimbo coding czar on Newsnight who confessed she knows nothing about coding!

Salmond has Cameron on the run. The last Old Etonian PM good old Sir Alec was widely detested in Scotland and particularly in Selkirk. As the Selkirk lads used to sing, its up wi' the soutars of Selkirk, and doon wi the craven Lord Home. His family had earned  a reputation for cowardice following the catastrophic Scottish defeat at Flodden in 1513 by the much maligned Catherine of Aragon's organised army.

As Private Eye wrote of Sir Alec that having helped Eden start WWII he retired to his bed for the duration with something wrong in the region of his back.

Clearly Cameron is scared of something. Why does England want to hold onto Scotland at all costs? What's in it for Cameron had his posh boy friends? Time will reveal all.


ALAN WOOD said...

Cameron committed two acts of cowardice in one day. He acted like a WWI general, urging on his "troops" from behind the lines over the Scottish referendum.What a crass intervention that can only alienate the Scots.
Then he sent the Environment Agency chairman to Somerset to face the wrath of the locals and sneaked in unannounced himself.

Add to that the fact that he has persisted with this nonsense about a 2017 referendum on the EU.
The Royal Mail sell-off fiasco is another cock up.
The HSR2 project is a financial disaster waiting to happen.
I could go on and on.
This man is a hollow man with no ability or ambition or imagination, with only Grant Shapps for company and guidance. The pro-EU lobby like Francis Maude and Ken Clarke are pushing him into the arms of the EU and he can only respond to the crises caused by EU dictats.
Even Farage is better than this dolt. At least he's got balls (one anyway !).

ALAN WOOD said...

Cameron should be scared. He will prove to be an "unlucky" Prime Minister" because all the problems caused us by being in the EU will contrive to lose him votes at the General Election. Floods, Immigration, the Scottish Referendum defeat (I predict), will stick in the voter's minds.

Reduction of the Benefits bill at the expense of the poor, elderly, infirm and middle classes whilst the rich get richer will be the finish of him, and his party.

Same-sex marriage, promoting buggery as equal to heterosexual sex in the eyes of the public, will have cost him dear.

With UKIP snapping away at his voters there is no future for the smarmy-arse boy.

The only saving grace could have been the economy but with his targets for deficit-reduction out of the window he is left with only his little puddies to cover his backside before it gets a good kicking, or whatever the punishment may be for Public-School types.

Where are you Farage - you have an open net on the Somerset levels, and everything else ?
Or will knocking the Conservatives ruin your dreams for the future ?