Thursday, 6 February 2014

UKIP and the SNP: Compare and contrast

There is a good piece in this weeks Spectator on the SNP by Alex Massie click below to read it

Its worth reading if only because Alex Massie actually lives in Edinburgh as opposed to London based media  self appointed Scotland experts who only listen to their own inane baboon like gibbering.

There is clearly an attempt by the London based BBC at news management on this issue with wealthy businessmen, Sorrell, Bo Didley etc being headlined in sequence to say what a disaster it will be for their business and presumably their bonuses if Scotland leaves the union. These are interleaved with the usual scare stories on new regulators plus today's special in the DT headlined, "Independent Scotland would force RBS to London". The source? Old misery guts EU loving Cable who then added that the price of postage stamps would rise in an independent Scotland. This further confirms my views on LibDem's inbuilt insanity. The Scottish finance minister simply quoted the RBS chief executives view. We already operate in 38 different countries so it will be no problem to operate in 39.

What the BBC cannot do is attack the SNP on financial, party governance or sex scandals. These are the monopoly of LibLabCon. Alex S has made damn sure the SNP is squeaky clean.

But what of UKIP the other nationalist party in our island. Compared to the SNP which is within 6 months of achieving independence for its people UKIP is an abject failure riven with no hope of ever getting out of the EU. It's been bought and paid for with EU bribes, infilitrated by Tory moles with a fresh scandal every week. Its not even a party. It's a Nigel Farage cult. Who is UKIP's finance spokesman? We now all know their Commonwealth spokesman was sentenced to 7 years for kidnap and ransom. How many MPs do they hope to get in 2015? Zero I predict.

Their leader's ambition seems to be to get a seat in the House of Lords, if there is room that is, and  become a TV chat show host.

Worst Farage is based in Brussels along with all his MEPs and post June 2014 that will become a near 100% commitment as he leads his pan Europe group into booing Barosso, Rumpy and Frumpy when they appear in the EU talking shop. As last time Farage will duck out of the Westminster elections and will no doubt describe comrade  Pearson as head and shoulders above all the other leadership candidates that will emerge following Farage's desertion to Brussels.

In contrast Alex Salmond and the main body of the SNP leadership live and work in Scotland. Its simple Mr Farage, you cannot lead a winning nationalist movement from the capital of the occupying power on whose payroll you are. Simples! Alex Salmond may not win Scots independence from England but Nigel Farage can never get the UK out of the EU!


ALAN WOOD said...

Scotland is certain to win Independence.

Contrast the attitude of the UK Governments who have done back someraults with two and a half twists in the piked position from somewhere in the stratosphere whilst lying through their teeth rather than contemplate leaving the EU.

But they have re-united Ireland (nearly), given Wales its own parliament and given Scotland a referendum on Independence.

The objective of the EU to create a Kingdom of Regions and to destroy the United Kingdom is nearly complete.

But why have our PM's and MP's been so complicit in this rape of our country. They have not been fondled in an after-dinner romp, but gang-raped in a pre-determined attack - and taken it willingly ! Jimmy Savile was an angel compared with the EU "gestapo" and its willing supporters.

The BBC fawned on Savile for 20 years or more.

The BBC was complicit from day 1 in securing the minds of the voters in the 1975 referendum.

Watch which way this inky pro-EU organisation moulds the Scottish Independence debate.

James Gordon said...

Salmond is living in a dream world, of his own making. His political hubris knows no bounds. The man is a financial simpleton, and has no plans for financing pensions, or the disabled, chronically sick, or unemployed.

Business after business signals losses and plans to quit Scotland, and still the asinine Swinney insist that a a Sterling Currency Union will solve all these problems. A Currency Union, which MPs of all other parties say will Never Take Place, and which the Civil Service state is not in the best interests of the Bank itself, or of the remaining United Kingdom.

Salmond & Swinney et al are fools and harking back to a vision of a "glorious Scotland" a kind of "Brigadoon" which never really actually existed. The Scottish Electorate are surely far too shrewd to fall for this deception.