Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Media wolf pack is closing in on UKIP

Wolves hunt in packs. The single out the weakest member of the prey group, harry and eventually kill it. The latest member of UKIP they have in their sights is Gerard Batten. Click on link below.

Batten has had a bee in his bonnet on this topic for many years but the main news media now have his scent and will be ferreting around Mr Batten and the other UKIP hierarchy. I opine they will find plenty of good stories. I have even been approached! They have banned hunting foxes with hounds but UKIP is fair game and the media will pursue them mercilessly.

Farage is of course the big scalp they want and they will get it eventually. When and if that occurs UKIP will be finished as acredible political party.


ALAN WOOD said...

The Media pack will slice and dice Batten who has blatantly appealed to the many people in London who are concerned about the Immigrant, and in particular the Muslim, influx into London.

He has been an anti-Muslim person, and in support of Lord Pearson's stance, for many years. Whether both are supporters of Israel I do not know. I resigned from UKIP because I would not serve under a religious zealot who put his opposition to Muslims before the cause of leaving the EU.

Religion has ruled the illiterate classes for centuries. Religious sects with weird ideas abound.

Henry V111 removed UK from the clutches of the Pope, thankfully. The English Church dominated the Middle Ages but is losing its grasp. The drift towards Muslim domination is accelerating.

Despite having become an atheist in my later years I can see that the creeds of some religions can be helpful in creating a good society. However, religion can be used so easily in a divisive way that nullifies its positive attributes.

With the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the wrong approach was taken by the Christians Bush and Blair. They should have taken the high ground, particularly over the Twin Towers atrocity, and invited the religious leaders to condemn terrorism and religious hatred. They hit back like Children in a playground.

I now object to having people's religions imposed on me, so I would dislike giant, wailing, mosques disturbing my peace, in the same way that I dislike over-exuberant bellringers.

Batten has a point over the intolerance of Muslim countries towards Christians.

Unfortunately he has made his point in a negative way.

Religion will be a source of problems for many more centuries.

Perhaps the atheists and other secularists need to start a debate about religion and whether it should be a personal matter not inflicted on the rest of the community in any form.

Edward Spalton said...

Batten's demand shows a profound misunderstanding of Islam. It is quite impossible for a Muslim to renounce a syllable of Koranic teaching, as it is the final, revealed word of Allah. The problem was pointed out by the eminent Arabist, Professor Jansen, at the Geert Wilders trial. His evidence was that there can be no such thing as "moderate Islam" for this reason. There are, of course, many moderate Muslims - those who are not fully observant but can, of course, become so when there is a religious revival. The judge who had insisted on Wilders' trial actually tried personally to nobble this witness.

There is also a doctrine called taqqiya ( dissimulation) which actually permits or even requires a Muslimmto,to lie to infidels about his faith, if its purpose is to advance the faith. So religious authorities would absolve Muslims from keeping to the terms of the declaration which Batten suggests.

There is a sect of Islam, the Ahmadiis, who are peaceful but they are relatively few (around 12 million worldwide) and Orthodox Muslims kill them as apostates whenever it is in their power to do so. The Ahmadi have done as Batten suggests and added to the Koran.
Some years ago, I was told of a conference organised by Prince Charles where church leaders tried to persuade Muslim clerics to say it was no longer a religious requirement to kill apostates. Of course, they could not because they themselves would have been guilty of shrk (apostasy ) if they did so. All they can really urge is o be politic and not do it now because it upsets us infidels.