Tuesday, 4 February 2014

UKIP's wheels are coming off

Last nights revelation on Newsnight that Farage's chosen UKIP Commonwealth spokesman, Mujeeb ur Reeman Bhutto was wanted in Pakistan  on kidnapping charges.He was fast tracked by UKIP aka Farage Party onto high profile TV programmes.

He organised a trip to a Leeds mosque for party leader Nigel Farage and canvassed with UKIP candidate Jane Collins during the 2012 Rotherham by-election something which annoyed the party faithfull

Worse, he was convicted in the UK for 7 years for being the chief of this kidnapping gang. He was granted asytum in the UK . I thought we were full up with foreign criminals but obviously not. Click below to tead the full unbelievable story.


When I was a potential UKIP candidate I had to submit to a full police CRB check as part of Fuerher Farage's 2009 push to professionalise UKIP. Do CRB checks ignore 7 year jail sentences? Where did he come from? Farage's chums in the Tory party who don't want him back. Farage shoukd remember the old City adage  if something is too good to be true its invariably not true.

Its a typical Farage cock up. These will bring UKIP down soon. UKIP must ditch Farage and his crony Crowther asap if they want to succeed in 2015. They wil still get the EU hate vote this year ensuring another million for Farage and this cronies to touser. I hope this will be the last time and that Farage's EUKIP is consigned to the traqsh can of history.

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Mike Bridgeman said...

Again nothing to worry about.
He had then tried to join the Conservatives.