Monday, 3 February 2014

Crowther is losing his marbles

He has just banned a former UKIP Scotland chairman from UKIP for a 100 years! The chairman of London UKIP has been parachuted into pole position on UKIP's Scotland slate. Read it all on this link.

Farage has obviously learned nothing from his recent Scottish trip.


ALAN WOOD said...

You and I did more in Scotland to further UKIP's aims by tripping up Mr. Murphy, the Europe Minister.
But, the Scottish newspapers were not interested in UKIP, being on the side of Labour and SNP. Scotland will probably never vote UKIP until they get Independence and begin to despise the autocratic EU as much as us.
This little spat with Head Office will not help UKIP as you so rightly say.

Eric Edmond said...

Is insane. Paul Henke was the guy who came out to meet us at Glasgow Airport.

Sometime later he told me he had spoken to Farage who had promised to change his ways. The poor man believed Farage rather than me.

Mike Bridgeman said...

Not to worry.
If Scotland gain Independence they can hardly have a UK independence party up there as they won't be part of it.
They will have to start up their own anti EU party.