Saturday, 15 February 2014

Duffy on AQ, Atkinson on QT, 5/10

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Atkinson is Farage's Andreasen replacement on SE  list. Both look very similar. Nigel's type obviously. She has a tougher job than Duffey with the delicicious and intelligent Cristina Odone to compete with on the looks stakes

Both were passable at the start parroting the Farage line but were shown up later when the had to think for themselves, Duffy especially so by the oleaginous Vaz. Odone is not a party politician but is a very nice woman so gave Atkinson an easier time.

I am off once more to recharge my batteries so no more bloging for 2 weks unless I can locate a free WiFi at one of our ports of call. Alors c'est l'heure or Hello Sailor as the homosexuals Anglais say


ALAN WOOD said...

Duffy is a plodder, not a front line politician.
Atkinson shows more talent but her strident tone will not win many friends.

The interesting development is the Clegg challenge to Farage to debate the EU. That could be a juicy contest from a former MEP and a current MEP.

The cowardice of Cameron shines through again in avoiding the contest. Reminds me of the old adage " Better to be thought a fool (or ignorant) than open your mouth and prove it".

Miliband is not much better and dare not upset the Unions by promoting foreign/EU workers over local labour.

Clegg needed to salvage something after recent election results and is clearly out to win the pro-EU vote at the Europan Elections.
This could be a smart political move by Clegg to polarise the vote in the European elections.
I think that Cameron and Miliband will come to regret their cowardice.

This is a golden opportunity for Farage to advance UKIP - he needs a match-winning performance having reached the Cup Final.

ALAN WOOD said...

The latest propaganda is that Cameron will insist on a 2-Way TV broadcast, excluding Clegg to take on "little UKIP".

Clegg shafted ?

Eric Edmond said...

Just back, Thurs 27th. I heard about the Clegg Farage debate on the boat. Best news for UKIP for a very long time. Peg on nose and hope |Farage does his stuff.

ALAN WOOD said...

Not sure where you have been to purvey anti-EU material but in case its France "bienvenue", in case you were accompanying Mrs.Merkel "wellkommen" and in case it was you who caused the hiatus in Ukraine "laskavo prosymo".

And if it was in Calais inviting illegal immigrants to jump out of lorries on ships and into the sea to swim for it, "hello sailor".

UKIP conference today and the news on EU migration plus Mrs. Merkel's slap for Davie Boy can only hearten Farage's UKIP and help to put votes in UKIP's pocket.

The Mail today is also very helpful (apart from a sly piece by Enoch Powell's old buddy)in pointing out what being in the EU really means.

When I started this journey in 1996 the press would never have let the cat out of the bag. What progress !

Eric Edmond said...

Another Michael Crick incident at UKIP's Torquay affair today with Hamilton. Should make c4 news.