Thursday, 13 February 2014

Osborne is a public school bully

His pal Cameron's nickname is Flashman whom you will remember was the evil bully in Matthew Arnold's book Tom Brown's schooldays. What is going on now is typical public school bullying behaviour. Joined by Milliband and Clegg kicking the smallest boy in the class as Farage once put it. The intervention by HMT comes into the same category. Scots don't like bullies. Its accepted behaviour in public schools but thank God there are relatively few such schools in Scotland.

I have just listened to Henry McLeish the Labour former Scottish first on Radio 4 saying Osborne has badly misjudged the mood of the Scottish people and his ill timed speech will drive Scots into voting Yes for independence. Exactly!

I watched Nicola Sturgeon rebut a full scale onslaught from Andrew Neil on today's Daily Politics. Neil is not impartial in this matter, he is strongly pro union but he and his opo Cockburn never laid a glove on Nicola.

and finally she gave some quick honest aswers to Neil's sneaky questions. Compare that with Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Milliband's weasel words and evasions. Is it any wonder the Yes vote is now building in Scotland

Below is a 7 minute clip on Facebook of Nicola with A Tory and an English Democrat!

This is an argument about who will rule Scotland. The SNP's best recruiting sergeants are Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Milliband. Three London based public schoolboys and a North London Jewish intellectual. Alex Salmond does not have to do or say anything. Every time any of those four pontificate on Scotland wee Eck's stock rises. He is a Scot born, educated and domiciled in Scotland. He was educated at the local Linlithgow secondary school and St Andrews University The others are the London metropolitan elite, three Oxford and one Cambridge, two members of the notorious Bullingdon club.

Scots will choose to be ruled by one of their own just as the Aussies and New Zealanders and all free people are.


ALAN WOOD said...

Eric, How true - no-one likes a bully, and we have 3 parties who are bullies. Around the world the bullies have nearly always been defeated - thankfully, whether Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussellini, Mr. Stalin and others in Serbia, Egypt, Japan etc.
Mr. Barroso of the EU needs to be stopped too.
If I were a Scot the only reason I'd vote NO would be if Scotland said it wanted to join the EU.
Why leave the UK to be a miniscule part of the EU with virtually no voice ? Except perhaps that you want to join the bully and help to bully England.

I got the by-election result in Wythenshawe mostly right. Labour did win. UKIP did increase their vote substantially.
I reckoned without the collapse of the Conservative and Lib-Dem vote.

To what extent the floods had an effect is not known.

That these parties are having to follow EU dictats does not give them wriggle room to solve the problems caused by being in the EU.

The public only see the tip of the iceberg so their gut reaction is to judge the coalition government as "FAILING" to quote current jargon.

By 2015, the finances of the common voter will not have been improved. We will still have substantial immigration.

The temptation will be for Lib-Dem voters to support Labour to ensure the Tories are beaten.

The Lib-Dems could implode.

The Tories could become a poor second.

I can see that. So can Tory candidates.

Cameron will be in the crosshairs of some aggrieved Tory marksmen on the back benches.

Eric Edmond said...

Alan I agree with you re the SNP desire to join the EU. I hope they see sense and go for a Norway deal which I think they would get.

No flood measures instigated under Mrs Young RSBP

Following the Wythenshaw result it looks like a Labour government with a big majority.

Cameron is a closet LibDem and ditching the manifesto promised right of recall will bite them on the bum.

Anonymous said...

My bank deposits are in a bank whose ultimate owners are in Scotland-ditto my pension funds wuith Standard life. Forgive me but the USA's biggest banks do not reside in Ecuador or Panama.

Am I likely to move my deposits out of RBS and my pension funds out of Standard Life on currency risk alone as soon as Scottish independence look likely.

You bet I will and Iadvis others to do so.